Sunday 22 January 2017

The Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Palette

Every now and then an eye shadow palette you never knew you needed comes along and wows you. That is exactly what happened with the Kat Von D Shade & Light palette. I've read rave reviews on the contour palettes, eyeliners and lip products but not much on this so it never really found its way onto my wishlist. My fave blogging gals then surprised me with this for my birthday and I've used it more or less every day in January.

I've always been a lover of matte eyeshadows, especially neutrals. I love how easily they blend together and for me, matte is my favourite finish. The Kat Von D Shade & Light holds an array of shades, three base, three contour, three define and three highlight. It retails for £36 and is loaded with intensely, pigmented silky powders. Some may disagree but I like that this doesn't come with a brush, I rarely use the brushes that come with palettes and always use what I reach for daily the most. 

This is a pretty big statement to make but Shade & Light is possibly the best matte eyeshadow palette I've ever used, and I've tried a lot of matte shadows. The palette is divided into neutral, cool and warm tones so if you're just starting to get to grips with what is best for you skintone, this is a great starting point. I've been mixing all the shades myself, usually using Lazarus, Saleos, Succubus and Lucius together. Shax is the deepest of black shades and it makes an ideal shadow liner too.

Base shades - Laetus, Lazarus, Ludwin
Contour shades - Samael, Saleos, Succubus
Define shades - Solas, Shax, Sytry
Highlight shades - Lucius, Liberatus, Latinus

Each of the shades compliment each other perfectly so mixing the neutrals with the warm shades or the warm shades with the cool shades won't be a problem. The quality is incredible so if you don't have anything like this in your collection, you're gonna want to buy it, or just buy it anyway because it's fabulous. 

I apply the shadows around 7am without using an eye shadow primer and my eyes will still be looking fabulous by the end of the day, so much so, I don't want to remove it half the time. If the contour palette is as silky soft and long wearing as these then I know what I'm buying next.

Do you own Shade & Light? What do you think?

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