Monday 12 September 2016

Volume Powder - Highend or Bargain?

Volume powder is my best friend as half the time it doubles up as dry shampoo and when I'm out of my trusty Batiste, this is what I tend to use. I bang on about how good the Bumble & Bumble Pret a Powder is quite regularly but understandably most people recoil at the price so after discovering the Schwarzkopf Got2B Powder'ful I thought I'd put them both to the test. There's around a £18.00 price difference in the two but if the sizes were the same they'd be the same price more or less. I'll fill you in below and then give you my verdict on the two powders...

(Left - Bumble & Bumble, Right - Schwarzkopf Got2B)

I've been using this peach pot of goodness for the last two years and I'm only just half way through it so that in itself means its cost isn't too bad to me. The powder is equal parts dry shampoo and volume powder which is ideal for all hair types. It has a very fine consistency which can be seen in the photo above which makes it ideal for sprinkling onto roots whether freshly washed or in desperate need of one. It makes re-styling hair really easy and it smells good to boot! 

Powder'ful is a recent addition to the hair cupboard and one I've been using the last few weeks. It has a completely different texture to its more expensive buddy and feels almost wet. It's really peculiar and I wasn't sure about using it at first. The very first time I hated it, I put too much on and it made my hair so tacky BUT it gave my hair incredible volume so I persisted. I'm still not amazed at the texture or the tackiness but it does do what it's meant to. 

Verdict - IF volume is all you're looking for and you wash your hair regularly unlike me then Powder'ful will probably be a winner for you but if you want a bit more from a volume powder then Pret-A-Powder with definitely suit you better. I probably wouldn't buy Powder'ful whereas I'd rush out and buy Pret-A-Powder again in a heartbeat. 

Have you used either of these products? What did you think?

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