Sunday 25 September 2016

Lush Halloween 2016 Haul

Yesterday, I posted about the entire Lush Halloween 2016 range and while being shown what was new in, I also did a little shopping. I haven't gone mad in Lush for ages and as this is my favourite time of year for their products, it was well overdue. I grabbed the nearest basket and started filling it up with all things Halloween and I'm so happy to have Lord of Misrule back in my life.

I stuck to bath products because I have a large Lord of Misrule shower cream already and I thought £5.50 for Goth Fairy was extortionate for the size of it, even though it smelt just like Space Girl and was so sparkly! Lord of Misrule was the first bath bomb that went in the basket, followed by Monster's Ball, Autumn Leaf and Pumpkin. I couldn't resist a Sparkly Pumpkin or a Boo bath melt either. All the details on what I bought are below... 

Autumn Leaf £3.75
This leaves your bath a flush of red, yellow and green; Just like the changing Autumn leaves that have started to fall. With Neroli, Sandlewood, Bergamot and Japanese Maple Sap, it has a gorgeous earthy smell which is really uplifting. 

Lord of Misrule £3.95
Probably my favourite bath bomb ever, Lord of Misrule is back and sultry smelling as always. The bath bomb leaves the water a twirling mix of green, purple and red while the Patchouli, Black Pepper and Vanilla give a spicy blend of scents. I find the scent hangs around for hours after your bath too. 

Pumpkin £3.95
Pumpkin is a new addition this year and one I'm loving. If you're all about Pumpkin Spiced Pie then this will be for you. Pimento Berry Oil, Vanilla and Spicy Cinnamon make this a real bath time treat and one that doesn't have any calories. Pumpkin fizzes out to give the water a bright, orange tinge so you're essentially bathing in Pumpkin soup. I hope this comes back next year!

Monster's Ball £4.25 
The most expensive bath bomb of the bunch, Monster's Ball reminds me of Boo's outfit in Monsters Inc. It contains a mix of Lime Oil, Neroli, Olibanum Oil and Cocoa Butter so great for skin and the scent will put you into a relaxing trance. It creates a beautiful mix of colours in the water, with blues, pinks and purples stealing the show. 

Boo £3.50
Boo is the bath melt in the collection and pretty darn cute too! It's the perfect choice for a ghoulishly, good relaxation thanks to its blend of Cocoa Butter, Bergamot Oil, Ginger Oil, Geranium Oil, Mimosa, Sandalwood Oil and Mandarin Oil. Just pop this under the water to watch it melt away, leaving a ghostly, white bath of skin goodness. I love the scent as I'm a sucker for Bergamot. 

Sparkly Pumpkin £3.95
This bubble bar is starting to become a bit of a classic thanks to its orange mound of glittery fun. Juniperberry Oil, Lime Oil and Grapefruit Oil give Sparkly Pumpkin its much loved scent. To use, just break in half or even quarters and run under hot water to create the bubbliest of bubble baths you ever did see. Coated in Gold Glimmer Lustre, prepare to be ready for the disco once you jump out.

What are you thoughts on this year's Halloween range? What are you wanting to try?

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