Sunday 11 September 2016

MAC Lipstick Collection

It's been a long time since I've shared an updated MAC Lipstick Collection post on Annie Writes Beauty and I have reduced my collection by quite a bit. After branching out into new brands and finding other lipstick products I love, I decided to part ways with most of my collection because they were unworn, unloved and just sitting there....

So today I give you my much loved collection, the shades I actually reach for and love using again and again. The lipsticks are listed starting from the back left...

A dark, brownish red and the one I opt for in the colder months. Paired with Mac Brick lip liner, it gives a dulled down pop of red, perfect for when you want to go red but a little darker. 

This needs no introduction, it's one of their best known shades and rightly so, it's beautiful. Dark, seductive and the quickest way to vamp up any make up look.

Private Party
From the Divine Night collection, this one is a cool, berry tone which I find compliments my pale skin, even if I was a bit dubious at first. This is due to be chucked but I can't bring myself to do it. 

This is the ultimate Autumn shade, the minute the leaves start dropping this comes out to play. In a Satin finish, Rebel is a mid-tone cream plum which leaves a beautiful pop of dark raspberry on the lips.

This is my more daring shade after Diva and one I wasn't sure I'd love as much as I do. I wore this consistently last winter and the deep, dark blue red is beautiful, matte and the ultimate Autumn companion. 

Lady Danger
Described as a vivid, bright coral-red and that it is! Vibrant and beautiful. Matte formulas can be a little tricky but I found this applied with some ease and I didn't need a lip pencil either, win! This was also my lip of choice for Newbury Ladies Day.

So Chaud
This is my all time favourite, a reddish orange and comes in a matte finish. It leaves such an intense colour on the lip and lasts for hours. This doesn't pull when applied like most matte lipsticks, Ruby Woo I'm looking at you, and it feels almost creamy, a lot like a satin finish.

Coming in an Amplified finish, Morange is a vibrant orange that screams summer, sunshine and cocktails. This doesn't last long on me but I love the shade and continue to persevere with its non existent staying power. 

Ruby Woo
This is the ultimate red everyone needs, it's gorgeous! So, so drying, it could peel your lips off but oh so worth it for the finished look. Remember, lip scrub is your best friend while wearing this blue toned red.

Pink Nouveau
Pink Nouveau is probably my second favourite after So Chaud. It's my perfect candy pink, it lasts for hours, doesn't transfer too much like it's glossier finished siblings and it looks pretty awesome with a tan.

Lovelorn is an every day favourite of mine, and one I reach for quite a bit for work. I really like the lustre formula, it makes application easy as it just glides on while leaving my lips feeling really moisturised. 

I'm not usually a fan of Glaze finishes but I wear Hue a lot of the time. Hue leaves a perfect subtle pink on the lips, it doesn't last for hours but I don't mind reapplying this one again and again. 

Brave is bae. The nude of all nudes, my other half, my lip twin. You might say I like... a lot! Brave is beige based, although I find it quite brown and comes in a Satin finish and is a real fave in the blogging world. 

My newest lipstick to the collection, my bestie bought this for my birthday and it has stayed in my bag the last few months as a solid lip chum. Faux is a muted mauve pink which also comes in a Satin finish. 

What are you favourites? Do you have any recommendations?

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