Saturday 24 September 2016

Lush Halloween is here

Lush Cosmetics launched this year's Halloween range yesterday and being the kinda girl that likes to give, I dragged my arse to Lush Southampton to get photos of ALL the new range to show you guys! Caring soul, aren't I? That might be a slight lie though because I also did a little shopping which I shall be showing you in tomorrow's post.

I think we can all agree last years range was a huge disappointment. Lush Oxford Street seemed to be the main focus with all those exclusive products and the rest of us were cast to one side but thankfully, they've pulled it back this year. Rachel and I went for a little look and the fabulous Lucy showed us around and filled us in on all the new products. I haven't tried anything yet but my old faithful, Lord of Misrule is back and Pumpkin is looking to become a fave already. 

There is a mixture of soaps, bath bombs and a bubble bar plus a bath melt, shimmer bar, knot wraps and gifts. It's a smallish range but well thought out with a mixture of scents to suit many. I'll leave a run down of what is available below but make sure you check back tomorrow to see what actually made it home with me. 

Bath Bombs - 
Pumpkin - £3.95
Monster's Ball - £4.25 
Lord of Misrule - £3.95 
Autumn Leaf - £3.75 

Bubble Bar - 
Sparkly Pumpkin - £3.95

Bath Melt - 
Boo - £3.50 

Shimmer Bar - 
Goth Fairy - £5.50 

Shower Cream - 
Lord of Misrule - 100g £4.95
                              250g £9.95
                              500g £16.50

Soaps - 
Fireside - 100g £4.25 
Magic Wand - 100g £3.50 

Knot Wraps - 
Moon Phases - £4.50
Eyeballs - £3.75
Calavera - £3.75

Gifts - 
It's Magic - £27.95 
Pumpkin - £20.95
Little Monster - £12.95

This is not sponsored, I just love Lush.
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