Friday, 9 September 2016

Drugstore Favourites - Barry M

I couldn't do a Drugstore Favourites series without including my nail heroes, Barry M Cosmetics. I do like a few different brands but the majority of my collection is from Barry M as there are so many shades, finishes and formulas available. My favourite as you can probably tell is the Gelly Hi-Shine range. The range gives a gel effect to nails making them ultra glossy and sassy.

Blueberry - Cornflower Blue
Papaya - Orange toned, Coral
Satsuma - Vibrant Orange, Red
Chai - Cement Grey
Almond - Chalk Nude

I have shades for every season and as much as I'm loving rocking Blueberry, Papaya and Satsuma I cannot wait to crack open my Autumn shades such as Chai and Almond. I like this range because you have two apply to coats and then you're done. I find that they don't flake or chip for a good four-five days and I always catch myself just admiring my nails... as you do. They cost just £3.99 but are almost, always on offer in Boots so you have an excuse to buy numerous shades because you're practically saving money. 

Do you use Barry M nail polish? What are your favourite shades?



  1. Ugh I NEED a grey nail varnish! I'm forever being reminded by other people wearing it or blogging about it that I WANT SOME. That's deffo my fave shade there - boring? Probs, but I'm owning it. lol. Great post xo

    1. I LOVE grey nail varnish! Not boring at all! xx

  2. I remember when I was younger and first getting into make up Barry M was my go to brand for everything

    Mel ★


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