Tuesday, 13 September 2016

My First Makeup Geek Products

For months I have seen Makeup Geek products doing the rounds on blogs so I was more than happy when I opened the Beauty Bay Miami Box to find some products of my very own. Makeup Geek was created by Youtuber Marlena and the makeup brand now has a huge fan base. Makeup Geek aim to make applying makeup easy and fun. There are numerous videos on multiple makeup looks on the website that make it simple and enjoyable which is perfect for someone like me that needs to see someone else do something before going ahead with it myself. I received three products in the Beauty Bay box so I thought I'd share my thoughts on them...

Makeup Geek Contour pan in Break Up - £7.95 
The contour powder pan comes in seven different shades, each true to life plus each of the shades represent both cool and warm toned skin. The shade Break Up is perfect for my cool toned, porcelain complexion and the soft powder blends onto my skin effortlessly helping create a more defined look. I much prefer using powder to contour with especially as Break Up is a matte finish and the texture is incredibly silky, it's also so pigmented! Thanks to its high pigmentation is also lasts really well too! No touch ups needed here. 

Makeup Geek Blush pan in Spell Bound - £7.95
Next up I have the powdered blush in Spell Bound which is a pretty, nude pink, just the right shade for the apples of my cheeks. The blush pans are very much the same texture and formula of the contour pans, with Spell Bound also delivering high pigmentation and longevity. The matte finish adds extra warmth to the skin without it being too over the top or shimmery. It's a really pretty shade and very similar to a Natural Collection one I use called Pink Cloud which is only £1.99. 

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow pan in Crème Brulee - £4.95
The last product I received was an eyeshadow which I've actually put in my MAC Pro Palette. Crème Brulee is a such a great formula and so much better than the MAC eyeshadows I have for a lot cheaper. The formula is rich, smooth on the lid and doesn't crease. I can totally see why these are so loved. The sand colour in a matte finish is gorgeous as an all over eye colour or used in the crease alongside a shimmery nude. A Z palette and more shades are already on the wishlist. 

Have you used Makeup Geek before? What are your favourite products?



  1. I've always heard such great things about this brand! Love the blush colour, the perfect every day x

    Everything But The Kitchen

    1. It is, been such a pretty shade to rock this summer. xx

  2. I love all their products, such a great price!
    Kathy x

  3. I love MUG eyeshadows, the shade range is great and so pigmented! Have my eye on the contour shades now!

    Parie x

  4. I haven't tried anything from Make Up Geek but they seem to be very popular with good reason - these look like great, pigmented shades. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  5. This looks so stunning. I want to try this brand.


  6. I love MUG shadows - you should try the Foiled ones, the pigmentation is immense - and I'll have to give the contour a go!


  7. I just received a MAC pro palette and can't wait to start filling it up. Make Up Geek have been all over blogs but sometimes I worry whether it's just blogger hype. These look great though, might start with a neutral like Creme Brûlée! Do you think you'll be purchasing any more?

    Damzel In This Dress

    1. I still have three spots to go on my mac palette! It's definitely not blogger hype, they're amazing. I want to try some of the shimmer pans next xx

  8. I'm liking the tone of some of these, they are very wearable for everyday

    Mel ★ www.meleaglestone.co.uk

    1. Yup, that's what I love about these ones. I'll actually get wear out of them xx


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