Wednesday 28 July 2021

Award-winning skincare for your baby from Weleda

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Deciding on what baby skincare products to use can be a bit of a minefield especially if once baby is here, their skin is super sensitive and reacts easily. We've used a few different brands over the years with our son and tend to stick to Mustela, Aveeno and Weleda for him now he's older so going back to Weleda Baby made sense for our newest addition to the family. 

The 100% certified natural baby ranges have been comprehensively designed to work with all types of babies' skin from normal through to hypersensitive. Each product has been researched by their team of midwives and pharmacists to help support the development of healthy skin - especially as Babies' skin is five times thinner than adult skin and frequently changes according to the environment, developmental stage and health.

Sometimes the skin will need extra support due to teething, dribbling and exposure to cold or the skin may become irritated through allergies, which are hereditary, or because of environmental stress. A gentle skincare routine can help support your baby's skin through these changes, helping to harmonise and protect the skin whilst allowing it to regulate itself.

The award-winning Weleda Calendula Baby Care range is our go-to as each of the natural products contains precious extracts of hand-picked organic calendula to soothe, nourish and protect delicate skin, and are free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colourants or artificial additives of any kind. You want the very best for your little one, so skincare that has been specifically formulated for even the most sensitive skin of babies and children is essential.

Calendula Baby Oil (200ml £11.50)
Skin as delicate as your baby's needs very little intervention but sometimes skin conditions appear and so we have to give them a little helping hand. This light organic sesame oil paired with extracts of organic calendula is the perfect option. Softening, warming, calming and relaxing – for tender moments with your little one from the first day. It's great to use within baby massage when you need to get those bowels moving too!

Calendula Face Cream (50ml £10.50)
Should you need it, the face cream is a lovely product to have to hand. Organic calendula extract wraps its protective properties around the tender facial skin, while skin-friendly lanolin and organic almond oil moisturise Easy to use on the face and quickly absorbed, it doesn't feel tacky on the skin so won't irritate bubba. 

Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash (200ml £8.25)
Formulated with beneficial ingredients like extracts of organic calendula, the wash helps to gently lift dirt, leaving skin soft, hair easy to comb and baby’s own scent intact. Sweet almond oil prevents dryness, and the soft lather doesn't sting the eyes. It lathers beautifully and the scent brings back memories of a clean baby for us.

Calendula Nappy Change Cream (30ml £3.25)
Nappy cream will fast become one of your most-used products when you have a baby and this one has been brilliant for us over the years. With its carefully selected formulation, this rich cream cares for delicate baby skin in the nappy area. Skin-friendly lanolin and zinc oxide provide a protective barrier against excessive moisture while almond oil and precious organic calendula and chamomile extracts gently smooth and soften the skin. It's been loved for over 30 years! 

Not from the Calendula range but I feel like you can't go wrong with lavender bath milk, especially when it comes to creating a restful atmosphere for bubbas to go to sleep. The Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk (200ml, £15.75) is the ideal solution for peace and relaxation. An aromatherapeutic, soothing fragrance, it calms and balances the nervous system and revives spirits making it a bedtime bath treat, especially at times of stress or agitation. We use it with our son now and it certainly makes a difference. 

If Weleda as a brand is new to you, it is definitely one to explore - I've used a number of their products over the years before turning to their baby ranges and Skin Food is still one of my most used products. 

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