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Five Skincare products I can't stop reaching for

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In the last year, skincare has quickly become the thing I've been most excited about. I think with lockdown meaning we were at home so much I had the time to really nail my skincare routine and test the products that would land in my hands. I've had to switch it up, even more, this year due to my current pregnancy but it has meant I've had time to put together this post and show you some of my faves, the products that I wouldn't be without right now. 

So.... Here are five skincare products I can't stop reaching for...

Who remembers when we couldn't get Bioderma in the UK and it used to be in every beauty bloggers French pharmacy hauls?! Thankfully we don't have that problem anymore and I get to live my life with my all-time favourite Bioderma range, Hydrabio! This is specially formulated for sensitive and dehydrated complexions and helps to lift away dirt and makeup without upsetting the skin's natural balance. 

I'm a firm double cleanse kinda gal so this is always my first product to use before using a creamy balm cleanser and a flannel. It's a fab micellar water and I always make sure I have one to hand. 

Elf Holy Hydration! Face Cream (£14.00)
My skin is lapping up all of the extra hydration right now so this little pot has been my go-to! It's silky smooth and packed with beneficial ingredients like squalane, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and peptide complex. It's super nourishing, seeps into skin quickly and leaves perfectly smooth non-greasy skin.  

I cannot begin to explain just how much my skin loves this, I just can't get enough of it! Gonna pop another on order ready for when this runs out. So relieved to see Elf back in the UK.

I feel as though facial mists are sometimes seen as an extra skincare step you don't really need but I'm a firm facial mist fan and as I can't use Retinol right now, Vit C will have to do! I've been reaching for this one for the last few months and it's such a great product to add some extra hydration to the skin. 

It's super lightweight and leaves a dewy finish to the skin - the added antioxidant vitamin C and luxe gold sub-micro particles help to shield the skin against daily environmental stressors while the invigorating citrus scent that wakes up the skin with every spritz. It's definitely seeing me through right now. 

Ah SPF, I wish I'd realised the importance when I was in my teens but I've certainly been making up for lost time ever since. My current daily go-to is this gem from SOS Serum (I will be sharing three others the next couple of weeks though!). The broad-spectrum, moisturising and protecting sun cream contains mineral-based filters and uses an ultra-sheer form of Zinc Oxide for protection from UVA/UVB and blue light, plus contains antioxidant Vitamin E which is a natural anti-inflammatory that soothes and calms the skin. Soy Bean Stem Cell helps to reduce wrinkles and increase skin’s firmness, combine with Vitamin E to fight free radicals on the skin. It's one of the best I've used and they now do a bigger size too!

This little gem has been my night-time lip product of choice ever since it was released. It's a deeply conditioning, volumising lip treatment containing cocoa butter, shea butter, Vitamin E, moringa oil, peppermint oil and Volulip. I personally don't find it very "minty" nor do I notice if it volumises lips but I always use it at night so maybe I'm just not seeing it. 

I find it super hydrating and I always wake with my lips looking less parched. It's a fab little pot and it even has a mirror inside.  

What skincare products have you been loving recently?



  1. I use the SOS SPF also and it's made such a difference to my skin, SPF is always so important and I love the other skincare products you have mentioned! x

    Lucy |

  2. I can’t believe I still haven’t used the Bioderma micellar I usually just use my trusty Garnier

  3. I’ve just ordered more Emma Hardie lip balm, it’s become really obsessed with it x

  4. The Elf cream sounds divine! I love Image skincare x


  5. I live for the ELF moisturiser! It is my absolute favourite!

  6. Would you believe I've never used a bioderma micellar water before, even though I know they get rave reviews! I love the sound of the Elf moisturiser most. I'd imagine my skin would absolutely drink it up!


  7. I agree with you on alll of these! I love ELF for their moisturisers, I'm having so many cold showers and my skin gets really dry! This heat is insane, I need all the SPF I can get!

  8. Yes to anything from ELF - such a fab brand! x

  9. I was really impressed with the SOS sunscreen too - great price and very gentle as well!

    Jasmine xx


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