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#WeAreAllies & What You Need to Know

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For the first time, a ground-breaking initiative has been formed by beauty competitors such as Biossance, Caudalie, Herbivore and Youth to the People along with Ren Skincare to commit to producing only planet-friendly packaging by 2025. 

The Zero Waste Pledge as taken from the Ren Skincare website comments on how advertising the competition doesn't make a lot of sense in traditional business but with the current environmental crisis nearing its peak things need to change and be done differently. They're now asking you and me as consumers to consider buying products which also aim to be cleaner for the planet.

Each of the brands are part of an industry where almost 70% of their plastic containers and packaging waste ends up in landfills, creating literal oceans of plastic waste and things need to change, this cannot be done alone though. 

Each brand mentioned within this post has invested in caring for the environment and have committed to producing only planet-friendly packaging designed to be recyclable, reusable or containing recycled materials by the end of 2025. By working together, sharing ideas and pioneering new solutions while at the same time raising awareness, that will hopefully inspire other brands to follow suit.

You may or may not be familiar with the brands featured within the #WeAreAllies campaign, I've only used products from Caudalie before so I've loved getting to grips with Biossance, Herbivore and Youth to the People since learning of the new initiative. Here's a little more information:

From Biossance is the 2021 Beauty Inc Award "100 Greatest Products of all time" and the 2020 Marie Claire Skin Awards "Best Facial Oil" - Biossance Squalene + Vitamin C Rose Oil (£61.00). It's a super luxurious lightweight oil which is said to deliver a trifecta of skin-loving goodness - hydrating, brightening and firming - in just three drops. This beautifully, pink packaged oil is housed in a recyclable bottle and is EWG verified to reduce environmental impact. 

From Caudalie is the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum (£46.00) which works to reduce all types of dark spots as it evens out the skin tone and boosts radiance. Housed in recyclable packaging, it is powered by Vine sap Viniferine which is proven to be 62x more effective than Vitamin C at brightening and reducing the appearance of dark spots. It's a lovely, light formula - I can't wait to see how it performs on my own skin.

From Herbivore is the Cloud Jelly Plumping Hydration Serum (£41.00). This is a naturally derived plant-based serum that is formulated with Tremella Mushroom - a hyaluronic acid alternative, that leaves the skin feeling intensely hydrated, soft and visibly plump. It also includes Vegan Collagen to moisturise and nourish skin while Strawberry Extract which is rich in antioxidants, including Vitamin C, visibly brightens the skin.

Youth to the People
From Youth to the People is the Kale & Green Tea Superfood Cleanser (£31.00), a nutrient-rich cleanser packed with cold-pressed superfood extracts derived from kale and spinach which work to effectively cleanse the skin, remove build up in pores and balance pH without drying. It feels SO nice on the skin and gives such a clean feel after use. 

From Ren Skincare is their legendary Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic (£27.00), one of my all-time favourite products from the brand! The tonic has cult status and helps to exfoliate, brighten, tighten and hydrate for super smooth skin. It's housed in a 100% recycled plastic bottle and gives your skin the most incredible glow without irritation (but always patch test!). 

I think this is such a great initiative from Ren Skincare and it's great to see some great brands get involved too - recognising the collective effort needed to make a positive change for our environment is the first step and I can't wait to see what's to come.

What do you think about the collaboration?



  1. I am SOO behind this - amazing, household brands really doing something inspirational that other brands should take notice of. As a consumer, I am more swayed with plastic consumption, sustainability and eco promises than ever. This is a step I'm really pleased to see and with brands I adore! I will be investing more of my pennies into these brands just for this!


  2. Such a good collab! There is far to much single use plastics these days and it’s always wonderful when brands come together and help the environment

  3. It’s such a good campaign and I really hope more brands join x

  4. I love this collab so much! I think the products included are incredible!

  5. I just think that this is a brilliant initiative and I hope more brands get on board x

  6. I love this! I think it's such a great initiative. I'm soo much more conscious of sustainability these days, so this is great. I wasn't aware of this colab but will definitely keep my eye out for future purchases. Thank you for sharing.

  7. I am so behind this initiative, what a brilliant and sustainable idea! I hope that more brands will do this and get on board with this concept! x

    Lucy |

  8. Oe cloud jelly that sounds so dreamy!

  9. Love your shots of these! I'm a big fan of the initiative and love that so many of my favourite brands are involved

    Jasmine xx


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