Friday 18 June 2021

Two NEW IN Products from Temple Spa

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I don't know about you but, this staying home lark has enabled me to really get in tune with my skin, wear less makeup and nail my skincare routine. I'm really seeing the benefits just as we go into the summer months - glowing skin is here and with two new products from Temple Spa, it's here to stay although I do have a bit of gripe with one of them!

If you're fairly new to Temple Spa, they're an award-winning British skincare brand with a Mediterranean heart. They've been creating luxury skincare and spa treatments for over 21 years. Temple Spa products contain Mediterranean botanical, plant, fruit and legume extracts, combined in synergy with high regard for derma-science, technical innovation and research; performance and texture are paramount so you just know you can trust them when it comes to simple and effective skincare collections.

First up is the Temple Spa Most Revealing Glowing Skin Oxygen Peel (£40.00) - a state-of-the-art oxygenating bubble peel that helps to powerfully transform your complexion. The little orange bottle has big claims, brighter skin in an instance, results you can see in the mirror and although I didn't notice results instantly, I have noticed a difference now I'm four weeks into use and I'm really pleased with how my skin looks. 

The highly effective formula is powered by vitamin C and a cocktail of glycolic, malic, lactic, citric and hydroxy acids that are all great for your skin. Sodium hyaluronate hydrates and cushions the skin while it foams and fizzes, lifting away dead skin cells and decongesting debris from the pores. Botanical extracts of apple, kiwi and chamomile soothe, vitamins A & E nourish and Mediterranean oils of sweet orange & bergamot work together to reveal unbelievably smooth, bright and radiant skin. 

It's a brilliant formula, I love the way it bubbles on the skin as you can see it working and who doesn't want a glowing complexion?

Great product and one I'll definitely be repurchasing. 

Next up we have the Temple Spa Truffle De-Light (£90.00) - a hydra-gel moisturiser that I was very excited to try because I adore the Truffle range of products. It's lightweight, totally luxurious and delivers such a welcome hit of hydration and nourishment to the skin.

The ultra-fine, silky texture leaves the skin smooth, matte and cool. Rich in amino acids, minerals and skin-valuable sugars, it helps to tone, balance and moisturise your complexion. Truffle, rose quartz and Happybelle-PE™ helps to brighten dull, lacklustre skin while providing a healthy-looking radiant glow.

There is also botanical caviar & kombucha to hydrate and firm the skin and if that's not enough, extracts of gold & champagne, strawberry seed oil & prickly pear provide an antioxidant cocktail of perfecting luxury ingredients. It's super refreshing for the skin and the subtle gold extracts leave a beautiful glow to skin. 

BUT... it is pricey and the pump action bottle is rubbish! Had this been in a pot like Repose or Double Cream then I'd probably love it and although the actual product is great I've since had to take it apart to get the remainder of the product out which has totally put me off ever repurchasing. 

I'll be hoping for a package re-design for this one!

Both products are available now direct from Temple Spa or from Harrods - I'll be really intrigued to see how these are used within spa treatments too *if* that happens. 

In the meantime, I'll be crushing on that orange bottle of bubble joy!

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