Monday 13 April 2020

Ten Uses for Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream

Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream has been in my beauty drawers for longer than I can remember, actually that's a lie - I've been using it since my teens so a good 18 years. I used to save up pocket money and anything I had from my Saturday jobs so I was never without a tube. Fast forward all these years later and it's still one of my cult products and worth every penny of the £28.00 price tag. 

Its scent is unmistakeable - loved and hated by many in equal doses (I'm in the love camp) the cream works like nothing I've ever used before and does everything it says on the box which is a rarity. The Eight Hour Cream doesn't just moisturise elbows, lips and dry patches - it also helps keep brows in place, fix split ends and stop glitter from going everywhere.

It's the one-stop beauty product that everyone needs in their kit.

So here are ten uses for Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream (£28.00)...

Use as an overnight face mask
My favourite way to use Eight Hour Cream is slathering my face before going to bed then letting the cream do its work while I'm asleep. It works wonders and I always wake up with my skin looking and feeling ten times better.

Perfect for brow taming
If you have unruly brows or you're between appointments like me at the moment this tube is perfect for taming stray hairs and helping you define a shape. Just dab the smallest bit across the eyebrow with an eyebrow brush et voila!

Smoothes hair tips & split ends
Are you due your next hair cut? Split ends ruining your look? Just warm a little bit of this between your fingers and smooth on to ends. 

Use as a highlighter
If you're looking to achieve an ultra dewy look then this is the ideal product to add a touch of glow to your skin especially when you don't want to wear too much makeup in the summer months. I add to cheekbones and brows for a subtle highlight and it lasts all day long! 

Glitter fixer
Are you festival-ready? Not without this, you're not! It's not a festival without a mountain of glitter and Eight Hour Cream is the kindest way to add glitter to your skin. Just dab on with a finger or use a cotton bud to create a cute design then add your glitter - super easy and your skin will love you for it. 

Soothe cracked heels 
Flip flop season is almost upon us, I've cracked out my Havianas already but not before I've used a little Eight Hour Cream to soothe some cracks in my heels for housing them in winter boots for six months. The mild level of salicylic acid in the cream exfoliates the heels, while the mineral oil and lanolin helps to nourish cracked skin.

Cuticle Salve
I am overdue my nail appointment and it shows in my cuticles to the point I had a comment about them on Instagram (boo, hiss!). To try and help bring them back from the dead I use Eight Hour Cream helps to moisturise and nourish. I'm a week in and they look so much better already! 

Lip scrub 
Lips a little sore after a cold winter? Grab your cream and a little sugar, mix together and you have yourself the best lip scrub ever! 

Great for burns
Whether you've forgotten to re-apply your sunscreen and are looking a little red or you've nipped yourself while curling your hair, the cream is the ideal treatment to relieve minor sunburn and calm irritated sun-exposed skin thanks to it's soothing and moisturising benefits.

Rough skin smoother
Thicker patches of skin like your elbows and knees can get dry and ashy as you get older, making them visible markers of your age so using something like this on those areas will help you combat it.

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