Monday 27 January 2020

Five Skincare Favourites from Beauty Pie

I first wrote about Beauty Pie way back in 2017, it had come to revolutionise the beauty game and I wasn't sold on it. The product range wasn't massive at the time and I didn't really like what I did try so I kinda forgot about it until last year when I fell hook, line and sinker and haven't looked back.

Beauty Pie is a team of beauty obsessives who have worked in the industry for years. Their everyday mission is to go out and find the best beauty buys from a global base of suppliers and bring them to each of the Beauty Pie members. They don't change their favourite formulas to fit price points or remove ingredients to meet budget which means members get luxury cosmetics and skincare at knock-down prices. It's a membership lead website with a great referral scheme so as more of you are turning towards Beauty Pie for your latest beauty fix, I thought I'd give you a rundown of my five favourite skincare products you need to pick up. 

Superactive Capsules Pure 3% Resveratol & Fruit Oils (Member price £10.15)
I love a daily capsule and have used a product from Elizabeth Arden for some time now but I was really intrigued by Beauty Pie's offering. This particular product has a daily dose longevity molecule that helps to energise skin and help fight collagen loss so if you're looking for an anti-ageing tool then this is it. Suitable for all skin types, the capsules help to revive and smooth skin, inject moisture and help with skin pigmentation and sun damage.

It contains the most powerful polyphenolic antioxidant, along with synergistic essential fatty acids, biomimetic peptides and fruit oils. I noticed a difference immediately which I was so surprised at but it only secured my love for it even more. There are four variations in the Superactive Capsules range including vitamin c and hyaluronic acid so you're sure to find your perfect one.

Super Healthy Skin Amazing Sleep Oil (Member price £14.84)
I ordered this after seeing rave reviews and I am so glad I did, I loveeee a facial oil and this one is as amazing as the bottle states. It's light, breathable and soaks into the skin leaving no residue or stickiness. It contains anti-ageing algae extracts, is rich in linoleic and essential fatty acids, omega 3s, evening primrose and borage oils, and is a natural source of vitamins A and E. 

I apply my moisturiser then add a couple of drops of this, a little goes a long way and boy does my skin feel good the next day - it's left soft, plump and hydrated. It also smells incredible, I can't explain the scent but wow - total game-changer. 

I'm usually a Pixi Glow Tonic user but this was calling my name and I'm so glad I hit purchase because it is hands down the best toner I have used in forever. It leaves my skin smooth, hydrated and glowing - plus I am positive my pores have reduced in size. I find my other products apply easier after using this as everything just looks and feels much more clarified. It contains 9.2% glycolic acid, 1.5% multi-fruit ahas and effectiveness boosting Niacinamide as well as polysaccharides to keep skin dewy. 

The best bit? It is a bloody bargain BUT it means it is always out of stock so if you see it, grab it quick.

I'm a newbie when it comes to retinol but my initial horror about turning thirty gave me a kick up the arse last year and so my retinol collection began to grow. This overnight formula has been my go-to for months now and it's great. It's anti-ageing in one handy little tube thanks to encapsulated retinol (resurfacing), ficucell vita (antioxidant), shea butter (nourishing), vitamins E and C (elasticity), ferulic and hyaluronic acid (plumping, hydrating).

It's beautifully smoothing, fine-line and wrinkle tackling, brightening and the only thing I'll be reaching for to keep my skin in tip-top condition. 

Eye cream is something I'm always a bit crap at using so I ordered this to give me the kick I needed and hello, it's amazing. It's lightweight, effective and surprisingly hydrating. You need just half a pump for both eye areas and the specially formulated cream contains line-smoothing slow-release retinol microcapsules, moisture-magnetizing hyaluronic acid to plump and soften, anti-ageing allosteris to slowly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and bioflavonoids to brighten. 

I've been using this for four months and my skin is smoother and those pesky little lines I had started to get appear much more reduced. It's my not so secret little tool for not looking my age. 

I think Beauty Pie is only going to grow in popularity now it's secured itself as the go-to for so many fabulous products. There is so much more available than there was when I first tried it and I'm glad I've revisited it because I've found some products I wouldn't be without now. 

I've kinda stuck with skincare while ordering over the last year and have only tried a few of their makeup pieces which is something I want to change this year. I've seen some brilliant dupes I want to get my hands on!

Have you tried Beauty Pie before?

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