Sunday 12 January 2020

New on my Beauty Shelf

It feels like the new beauty launches just keep coming at the moment so, with that in mind, I've whittled down five that I've really loved trying out over the last month including one I've been using quite a bit longer and might make your switch to menstrual cups even easier. 

The first one is John Frieda's newest launch and the one that's been saving my hair in recent weeks. Since having Joshua and suffering from post-partum hair loss, my hair has become more fine and flyaway and I just hadn't quite found something to work for me until the Frizz Ease Weightless Wonder Creme (£6.99). The creme works by transforming dry, frizzy hair into something so beautifully smooth that I wonder if it's even my hair sometimes. I now use this after every hair wash, it works so much better than more expensive brands I've tried and it doesn't leave hair feeling full of product.  

It's just really brilliant and such a bargain.

Next up, we have a little look at Clarin's Milkshake Collection which was released the end of December. I'm a big Clarins fan and have been for many years so whenever their new launches come around I'm there waiting. 

The Milkshake Collection sees the release of their new Lip Milky Mousse available in six cute as a button shades. The new and innovative whipped texture is infused with peach milk leaving lips suitably fresh with a dose of tinted colour. Each one comes equipped with a lip hugging cushion applicator meaning you get a smooth application every time. I have Milky Peach, Milky Pink and Milky Nude, they're each as nourishing as the next but Milky Peach is my favourite of the three thanks to the subtle pop of peach it delivers to lips. 

Lip Milky Mousse retails at £19.00 each and are available online and exclusively at Debenhams.  

Keeping with lip products for a moment, Pixi has released some incredible products as part of the Pixi Pretties Collection and I adore the set created by Chloe Morello. The Liquid Lip Icing (£16.00) isn't usually something I'd like, I'm not into pastel shades or glitter so I was totally surprised by how much I liked these. 

The liquid lips add a 3D glimmer to give an instant glow boost and can be used alone or on top of lip colour. They come in three shades, Parfait, Bon Bon and Sorbet and are infused with rosehip oil and marula oil. Sorbet, which is the cooler of the three is the one I've found myself reaching for the most. I find it has a softer glimmer so doesn't look too OTT when you're just running out for a coffee. 

The Urban Decay Naked Honey (£42.00) is one I've had my eye on since the very first photos were circulated and I think out of alllll of the Naked palettes, this is the most me. This was a very welcome Christmas gift and I couldn't wait to try the wash of golden hues for the first time. 

The palette features twelve golden neutrals, think classic golds, soft ambers and the richest chocolate browns you ever did see. I'm going to share a full-rundown of the palette in the next few weeks but first impressions - I bloody love it!

The final product is a menstrual cup from OrganiCup (£21.00). I've spoken a lot about using menstrual cups over the last year and how happy I am with the switch but I'd only used one brand up until recently. OrganiCup reached out and asked if I wanted to try one so I, of course, said yes. Compared to what I was using, it's softer, more flexible and just seemed to stay in place much better. 

The cup is made from 100% medical grade silicone meaning it's super easy to fold and insert. You can also trim the stem (which I advise you do) so you can get a much better fit. Like most cups, it can hold up to three tampons worth and be worn up to twelve hours so you don't have to fret about emptying it through the night. 

Sizes go by if you've had a child or if you're over 30 so I do wonder the reason I'm not getting on with my original one as well is because things start to move as you reach 30ish. Who knows, I could be talking gibberish, all I do know is that I find this much more comfortable and easier to use. 

It would be a great brand to look at if you're thinking of getting your first one. 

I'd love to know what new beauty products you've been loving at the moment or if you'd like to try anything I've shared in this post.

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