Sunday 26 January 2020

Lush Cosmetics Valentine's Day Collection

Tis the season for suggestive bath bombs and Prince Charming so with Lush Cosmetics launching their Valentine's Day collection it was time to dive headfirst into all things pink and full of love. 

I'm a sucker for a Lush product and have been for many years, you only need to head to that little search bar on the side and type Lush to see just how much so I'm gonna show you what I'm going to be using from this years Valentine's range and what I think you'll love too! 

Naked Attraction (£8.00) seemed the most popular when I shared it on my stories and I'm sure you can guess why. Shaped like a butt, the solid naked massage bar is the perfect way to inject moisture back into skin. I've spoken about my love of massage bars time and time again, they're brilliant, the ingredients are fab and there's no packaging so it's a total win. 

This one, in particular, is made with cocoa butter, jasmine, ylang-ylang and osmanthus absolute - leaving skin deliciously smooth with a light, floral scent. Just warm between the palm of your hands and slide on skin. 

Next up, Unicorn Lip Scrub (£6.50) which I think will be so popular! The delectable scrub is a blend of plum and jojoba oil with a touch of popping candy to take you from winter dry lips to something much smoother! I've almost finished my Pumpkin Spice pot so this arrived just at the right time. 

Sticking with unicorns, Unicorn Horn (£4.50) has made a reappearance! I adore bubble bars as you get so much more from them and Unicorn Horn is definitely up there as being one of my favourites. It's a magical blend of lavender, neroli and ylang-ylang covered in sparkling lustre. 

You really don't need much at all, I can usually get five baths out of one of these and it creates the most beautiful pink water with super silky bubbles. It's the ideal treat for a relaxing night. 

Our loveable Peachy (£4.95) and Aubergine (£4.95) bath bombs are back, although we know they're really butt and penis emojis! Aubergine is my favourite of the two thanks to my ol' fave bergamot as well as oh so yummy tonka and a touch of fresh Aubergine. 

I wish this wasn't limited edition because I would use this all year round otherwise. 

Peachy is super cute and creates the prettiest peach bath - it also smells pretty fabulous thanks to its blend of fresh peach juice, grapefruit oil, davana oil and elemi oil. 

Love Locket Amazeball (£7.50) is one I've picked up a few times over the years but at some point, I must've missed the memo because I did not know that the smaller blue heart comes off to reveal lots of smaller hearts inside - I'm sure this is a new feature! The huge bath bomb creates the most mesmerising pink swirls with the sweetest bath. Geranium oil, Brazilian orange oil and tonka blend together to deliver it's much loved, intoxicating scent that should *cough cough* be made into a shower jelly (please).

It's a big'un and if you're sensible, you could get four baths out of it but I have definitely used the entire thing in the past - treat yo'self I say!

Lastly, we have Prince Charming (£14.00) which is also available as a naked shower gel. I adore this, it has such a beautiful scent and the most insane colour that I just want to use it again and again. With marshmallow root & vanilla pod, grapefruit oil, geranium oil and fresh pomegranate juice, its subtle citrus scent is great for getting you going in the morning. 

It smells so good that you may even entice your own Prince Charming!

As well as what I've shown you, there are some cute gifts available and three soaps which I'm going to head in and buy this week - we switched from pump soap last year so any excuse to get something cute to use!

Shop the new Valentine's Day collection in-store and online at now.

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