Friday 16 August 2019

The Autumn Collection from Clarins is about to drop!

The end of summer means a handful of things but for me especially it means the Autumn beauty releases are right around the corner and I cannot wait! Clarins dropped a little bundle in my beauty loving hands a few weeks ago so I'm going to show you exactly what's coming before it's released at the end of this month.

There's a new foundation that I've been testing out the last few weeks, four all new lip perfectors and a collection of new blush compacts that you're going to love. 

The very first product is the all new Everlasting Youth Fluid Foundation (£35.00). The unique formula combines the best of Clarin's skin care and makeup expertise to create a creamy and light foundation that helps restore the complexion's youthful glow. The lightweight foundation contains plumping konjac micropearls, argan oil and skin tightening organic oat sugars to help leave skin firmer, fuller and luminous. It comes in twenty four shades and the new skin tone optimising complex blends pigments, rosy pearls and soft focus powders to give an all over colour and even complexion. 

I've had this for a few weeks now and when I first tried it, I really didn't like it. The first day I wore this, we ended up with temperatures of 27 degrees in Southampton and this melted off my face and left me looking a little streaky. I had to use one of Joshua's wet wipes to take everything off completely because I looked ridiculous. I left it for a few days and tried it again but that particular afternoon became quite hot and the foundation did not hold up again. 

I thought it was a complete bust and not a very cheap bust either. 

Fast forward to the last week or so, I've been using it daily while it's been cooler and I've really liked it. I think because this combines foundation and skincare, for me it just doesn't hold up well in heat so it's probably a good thing we're approaching the colder months as I think this will be really great for when my skin gets a bit dry and I need a radiance boost. I'm not writing it off completely because I have loved the way my skin has looked with it on the last week, I just won't be wearing it in warm weather. 

Moving on to the Autumn makeup collection, the first product is the one I am most excited about because I love me some blusher! The Joli Blush is the very first blush to be enriched with plant oils and the super pigmented, long wearing blush has completely nudged my beloved By Terry blusher out the way to be crowned best in show.

The Joli Blush (£27.00) collection features eight gorgeous powders which deliver an beautiful pop of colour in one easy swipe. The super light texture is ultra soft, enriched with hazelnut oil which helps nourish and comfort skin and with their legendary anti-pollution complex it also helps protect skin against the environment.

The blush compacts come in a handy pocket size with a mirror and brush for application on the go and the size makes it ideal for travelling.

The first shade I have is Cheeky Baby, a super pigmented candy pink. It's much more subtle than it looks in the pan and gives such a soft pop of pink to the apples of my cheeks. I find that it really brightens up my face and the slight shimmer really helps awaken the skin and make it glow. 

The second shade is Cheeky Coral, my favourite out of the two. I've been a harden coral fan for years, it's always been my go to with blush and this one is no different. I use Cheek Coral with the bronzing compacts from the summer collection again on the apples of my cheeks and find it much more natural for my skin tone. 

I'm really tempted to order Cheeky Rose for the Autumn as it really reminds me of Nars Dolce Vita.

The Natural Lip Perfectors (£18.50) are something to definitely shout about this Autumn. The iconic lip products have had an autumnal overhaul with limited edition golden geometric patterns and they're super pretty! 

There are four new super creamy, intense shades available each with a cushion applicator designed to hug the lip contour and leave a smooth, even finish. I've always been a big fan of these and it's no different with this bunch of newbies. The formula is non-sticky and lightweight so it feels like there's nothing there and as it's enriched with shea butter and mango, each swipe is like an instant moisture boost for lips. 

The four new shades are Intense Rosebud, Intense Maple, Intense Garnet and Intense Smoky Rose so I'm sure there's one you'll fall in love with. Intense Rosebud has found its way nicely into my handbag, it's definitely my favourite out of the four with Smoky Rose coming a close second. 

If you're yet to try the lip perfectors, now is a really great time to do so especially as they'll keep your lips perfectly conditioned during the winter months. Who can say no to that? 

The hardest decision is deciding what shade you'll choose!

All the products are available from 25th August from and counters. 

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