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12 Ways You Can Make Your Wedding Photos Even Better

You're only going to have one wedding, and you're going to spend a lot of money on the day. One of the only souvenirs that will last pretty much forever are your wedding pictures. For this reason, you need to make sure you're going to be happy with them and love looking back on them. The last thing you want is to get the pictures back and hate most of them for whatever reason, You'll never get another chance to take them. 

To prepare, you'll find a few ways you can make sure your wedding photos come out the way you want them to. Read on to learn more.

Come Up With A Vision For Your Pictures
Before you hire your photographer or start any of that, you need to come up with a vision for your pictures. Only once you’ve done this can you make sure you find the right photographer for you. Some will shoot brighter photos, some darker, some are into portrait style, while others focus more on group shots. You need to know the sort of pictures you’re looking for so you can select a photographer that corresponds with that. Each style is different, so have a good idea of the style you prefer.

Meet With Your Photographer In Person
You have to get on with your wedding photographer, so this is one of the only vendors you should really make an effort to meet in person. When you meet them in person you can ensure you’re both on the same page and that you’re going to feel relaxed when you’re shooting with them. Photographers like Vittore Buzzi will make this experience easy for you so you don’t have to fret about meeting with this all-important vendor. 

Give Your Photographer A-List Ahead Of Time
Giving your photographer a list of the pictures you’d like ahead of time is key, however, you must include the photos that aren't typical. Your photographer will likely already know that they should capture you walking down the aisle, for example, but if you can think of something that might not be so obvious, make sure you write it down. They don't mind readers, and the last thing you want is to realize a moment that was important to you has been missed after the fact. 

Don't Fret About The Weather
A great photographer will be able to make wedding pictures look incredible even if it’s pouring rain, so do your best not to worry about the weather. Plus, wouldn’t a photograph of you and your partner huddled under an umbrella look awesome? Whatever the weather, the right photographer is going to handle it. All you need to do is stay relaxed so you shine in your pictures. 

You have to relax. This can be hard when you feel like you have so many things to contend with, but a relaxed face and body is going to look so much better in pictures than somebody who is tense. Have fun with it, and don’t take yourself or this so seriously. Candid photos are brilliant for a wedding album! You probably don’t want to pose everything, and you want your personalities to shine through in the pictures. Take some deep breaths, avoid drinking too much caffeine before your pictures, and make sure both you and your partner feel comfortable. 

Have An Engagement Shoot
Prepare for the big day by seeing what it’s like to work with your photographer and get comfortable in front of the camera - book an engagement shoot. An engagement shoot can give you an idea of what sort of pictures to expect on your big day, and you’ll be naturals in front of the camera when it rolls around. Plus, you’ll have extra pictures to look back on! 

Decide If You’re Going To Have A First Look
The first look is optional, but many couples are now choosing to see one another before the ceremony to spend a few moments with one another before the chaos starts. This is a nice time to snap a few pictures too. 

Make Sure You Look Like Yourself
Looking like yourself is so important. You don’t want the version of you in photographs to look like a completely different person. Yes, you want to look your best, but this doesn’t mean dying your hair a completely different colour last minute and wearing heavy makeup that you wouldn’t usually wear. Do lots of research on your makeup artist and stylist and check out portfolios and reviews to find the right people. Even if you choose to do this yourself, you should trial beforehand. You might realize after a trial that something needs to change. The hairstyle or makeup look you had in your head for months might not actually be your favourite once you’ve tested it. This is why trialling is key! 

Bear in mind that things like heavy eye makeup may look ok in selfies, but will likely make your eyes look smaller and indistinguishable in your wedding pictures. These are all things to bear in mind and carefully consider. 

Tan Carefully
Use a lighter tan than you would usually wear for a special occasion. Fake tan usually looks more orange in pictures, and you may even be able to see tan lines and patches more. It might look fine in the mirror, but show up orange and patchy in the photos, so tan with caution. Although your photographer will likely be able to even out skin tone during the editing process, they aren't miracle workers and won’t want to over-edit. Be cautious! 

Prepare a Makeup Top-Up Kit
You’re going to want a top-up kit that will allow you to freshen your face as the day goes on so you can keep on looking your best in pictures. Have your lip product, a powder, concealer, face spray, as well as cotton buds and other things you may need to freshen up. You might even choose a slightly different look for the reception by adding a slightly darker liner and maybe even a different lip colour. Asking for advice from your makeup artist if you need it will help. A face spray is the one thing you should keep in your bag, as it can help to freshen up your makeup after hours of wear. 

Get Lots Of Sleep The Night Before
Focusing on your sleep hygiene in the weeks leading up to your wedding will help, but if you can get a good night’s sleep before your wedding day (a minimum of 8 hours), you’ll look and feel so much better. The more consistent you are with your routine beforehand, the easier this will be for you. Avoid caffeine, and wind down way before it’s time for you to get into bed. Stay off your phone and social media. Don’t do anything that will stimulate you or keep you awake! 

Be On-Time 
It's normal to be a little late on your wedding day, but you have to remember that if you’re too behind schedule, you may not be able to capture all of the shots that you wanted. It may also impact the lighting on the day and you may not get the absolute best quality images. By getting up earlier and planning for longer than you think you need, as well as delegating smaller jobs to your friends, you’ll be able to save time. Plus, you’ll be in the good books of your photographer! Be courteous and do try to be right on time. 

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