Monday 28 January 2019

The Naked Cherry Palette

As a long term Urban Decay fan, I love when they come around with new releases especially when I get to add a new eyeshadow palette to my ever growing collection. There are never enough colours in my eyes or for my eyes in this case.

Last year saw the discontinuation of the original Naked palette as well as the Smoky but with that saw plenty of rumours about some newbies, including Naked Honey which I hope is true and the Urban Decay Naked Cherry which I've been getting to grips with since Christmas.

Naked Cherry burst on the scene towards the end of 2018 dripping in sultry rose golds and metallic burgundy shades that rocked the boat more than I was expecting. Most loved it but time and time again I came across comments about how it wasn't quite Naked. For a lot of people, the Naked collection was the all singing, all dancing collection of nudes but Cherry has changed that, and rightly so. 

How many nude shades do you really need?

The palette features twelve all new shades from Urban Decay from the perfect matte base right through to a beautifully deep cherry. It's a really great range of shades to help you dip your toes into pinks, peaches and darker jewel tones and with Urban Decay's legendary shadow formula, it's the perfect place to start. 

The formula is what sells Urban Decay eye shadows for me. I find the mattes perfectly creamy albeit with a touch of fall out but never enough to ruin a makeup look or to not warrant using them. For the cream matte base shades I apply all over with a blending brush then prefer to switch brushes to a flatter head to pat the darker colours onto the lid before blending out again. Urban Decay encourage you to use their award winning eye primer but I've used it with and without the primer and love both results equally. 

I personally find the primer a bit of a faff which is why I don't bother as much unless it's on a night out. 

Stepping into pink shades is totally new for me but with Cherry, it's something I've been able to do quite effortlessly. Day time chic is a breeze thanks to a blend of Hot Spot, Caution and Turn On and if I want to turn it up a notch for the evening, I love Feelz and Drunk Dial. 

The shades are described as:
  • Hot Spot – ivory matte
  • Caution – soft neutral beige matte
  • Bang Bang – shimmering pink with gold shift and iridescent micro-sparkle
  • Feelz – soft dusty rose matte
  • Juicy – soft warm peach
  • Turn On – pale metallic rose shimmer
  • Ambitious – metallic rose copper
  • Bing – deep mauve matte
  • Devilish – reddish plum matte
  • Young Love – metallic cranberry
  • Drunk Dial – deep metallic burgundy
  • Privacy – deep brownish-plum matte

The Naked Cherry is the ideal palette for me to get to know some shades I wouldn't usually try. I find the way they're set out in the palettes great as you can visually see the way each shade would blend with another flawlessly. You can pretty much pair any shade together and as they're all new, I don't have anything like this already in my collection. 

It's the perfect investment for me. 

The Urban Decay Naked Cherry retails at £42.00 and can be bought online and from counters, it's one for the collection and I'm so happy I have this one to complete my ever growing family. 

The love is still strong.

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