Monday 7 January 2019

Clarins Spring 2019

The new year doesn't just bring resolutions and new goals for the year ahead, it also brings an abundance of Spring beauty collections and the first one to fall into my hands is by one of my all time favourite brands, Clarins. January 6th saw the launch of the new collection featuring an all new eye shadow palette and a handful of other products to help you start the year flawlessly. 

I've been playing around with two of the products since before Christmas so I could give you my opinion as soon as the collection was released. 

A new year treat is definitely needed right?!

The star of the show has to be the new Ready in a Flash Palette (£32.00) featuring six shades for beautifully perfect eyes. The palette is small, slim and fits in your makeup bag to help bring your eyes to life with six shades for eyelids and brows. The compact palette comes with a mirror and the design upon the front of the palette moves when you move! 

Inside you'll find two eyelighters, two matte shades and two brow shades. The eyelighters are what stand out the most to me, two warm shimmer shades that look beautiful in the corners of the eye and brushed to the center of the lid. The two matte shades compliment each eyelighter but all can be used with each other for endless quick looks. 

The brow shades are great for blondes and brunettes and make a nice addition to the palette. 

I find the formula of the matte shades quite hard to work as they're quite light on first application, I needed to go back a few times to really build up the colour I want which you can see in the swatches above. The eyelighters however were super pigmented from the first stroke but they're quite soft so don't be too heavy handed as you may ruin them which is what I've done with the pinker of the two. It's still usable, I just wasn't careful with what I was doing when creating the swatches. Oops! 

The brow shades are much like the matte shades but I don't mind it so much as I like to build my brow colour, I just wish there was a teeny tiny brow brush inside as it's something I never seem to have enough of whereas I have lots of eye shadow brushes. 

It's a great palette though and one that has slipped quite easily into my every day make up bag, I just love that first eyelighter shade so much. 

The second product I've been trying out will help give the glow we all need as we're dragging ourselves through Winter. The Glow to Go Highlighter Stick (£26.00) is double ended and comes in two shades, Glowy Pink and Golden Peach. I have Golden Peach as I thought a little bronze and glow in my life would help me look less pale looking and I'm pleased to say it has worked a treat. 

I'm not usually a cream bronzer kinda gal so I definitely had to slow down and work with this but once I'd blended it, I loved the results. The formula is really creamy, you do not need much at all so a quick swipe of the bronzer upon your cheek bones and a dash of peach on the apples on your cheeks and you're good to blend to your hearts content. 

Think golden goddess rather than children's party clown. 

Having the two products in one saves space so once we decide on a holiday this year, this will be the first thing that's packed for those summer nights. 

What are your thoughts on the Clarins Spring Collection? Is there anything you'll be buying? 

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