Friday 18 January 2019

What I've Been Reading through January

I've written about my love of reading a number of times, it's what I do to relax and take some time out so making one of my goals for this year to read more was really important to me. I have a to-read pile which has been gradually increasing in numbers for the last year but now is the time to finally start making a dent in it. I set up a Good Reads account when I first bought my Kindle in 2016 but I never gave it much attention until this year.

I decided the best way to keep track of what I was reading was to log it all in the Good Reads app, I also set myself a challenge to read twenty-five books this year which I've already increased to thirty. I'm already on book six and I keep being asked how I'm whizzing through them and it's simple, instead of wasting my time scrolling Twitter and Instagram I've been reading instead. It's usually during Joshua's morning nap where I read the most as well as the evenings, I've just replaced one thing with something else. 

I don't have a specific genre I gravitate to usually but you won't find me reading a thriller or murder mystery any time soon, I wouldn't sleep! I've decided to share little round-ups of what I have been reading like I have done in the past which will appear throughout the year which may help you with what to read next. 

This Could Change Everything - Jill Mansell
I've been a lover of Jill Mansell books for as long as I can remember, they're the perfect dose of chick-lit with a splash of comedy and I just get so engrossed in every book of hers that I read. Essie makes a mistake that changes everything but sometimes a mistake isn't all so bad! The heartwarming tale has you turning page after page and the individual stories of each character work so well as they come together. It's the perfect pick me up. 

How To Be Happy - Eva Woods
I wasn't sure I was going to like this due to a couple of elements of the book which focuses on loss but I soon fell quickly in love with it. It's incredibly touching and thought-provoking, it helps show how even the smallest of things can mean the most and it focuses on the 100 Days Happy challenge. The characters, Annie & Polly are chalk and cheese but they're characters bring the story to life. I didn't want it to end. 

Why Mummy Drinks - Gill Sims
This one was a gift from my sister for my birthday and I wasted no time in starting it. I found it quite difficult to get into at first, I just couldn't relate and it was split into days like diary entries but by the second month, I was quite engrossed and found it really entertaining. There were a number of times I snorted with laughter in the corner making Arran wonder what was up. By the end, I loved it and I've already ordered the sequel to read next.

Three Things About Elsie - Joanna Cannon 
I've had this since last August but just couldn't get past the first few pages, I was determined to stick it out and finally finished it last week but I wasn't a fan. I found it a little too over the place, some of the characters seemed irrelevant and had to much focus on them for no real reason and it just ended. The entire book built up to the last chapter and in a matter of pages it what was over, just finished. It's a Sunday Times Bestseller which is partly why I bought it and I was left feeling a bit meh over it. 

Everything I know About Love - Dolly Alderton
I adored this book. I think because we're the same age, I related to her words a lot more than I first thought. It's a beautiful book on friendships, the one true love in most of our lives. I made a few friendship decisions last year and reading this just reaffirmed that I've 100% made the right choice and I now have the perfect circle. I think every female should read this at some point in their lives.

Which book out of the five most appeals to you? 

I'd love some recommendations in the comments on what I should be reading next.

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