Friday 2 December 2016

Christmas Decoration Haul

I am obsessed with Christmas and I think Arran has finally reached the point of not caring and just lets me crack on with it. Every year I find a way to squirrel more decorations into our home and this year has been no exception, I've even bought more since taking the photos for this post. 

Since using Pinterest more the last few months, I settled on a Scandinavian theme for this Christmas, think white brushed wood, homely candles and cinnamon. Thankfully my vision has been brought to life perfectly as we've just put up all the decorations and I thought I'd show you what we've used and where I bought it from. 

I'm a big lover of pure essential oils, my mum has always used them for numerous things so Aromatherapy has always been present in my life. The Diamond Diffuser set is the perfect starter point for anyone looking to add essential oils into their home. The diffuser is made of glass and the gold makes it the perfect Christmas accessory. I have the oils in orange, cinnamon and frankincense which gives our home a very festive scent.

I love shopping at Amara for one off, exquisite pieces, I'd already made the decision earlier on in the year that I'd trade in my Asda wreath for something fancier and Amara had just the thing. The large, red berry wreath is absolutely gorgeous. I chose this because it had the right mix of woven branches, glistening red berries and small green leaves. We have a white front door and this looks beautiful on it. Arran couldn't really understand the obsession with it but I'm sure any Christmas fans out there will. 

The majority of my decorations have come from Homesense. I've spoken before about how I get to work with them regularly so with Christmas approaching I was sent a gift card to help start my decoration shopping. I bought a fair bit including some gorgeous, Christmas scented candles, a new wreath holder for my red berry beauty and the adorable reindeer. I didn't realise he'd lost his nose when I bought him though so I need to sew a button on him. I also bought some hanging Christmas signs for the hallway and our living room door knob for extra festivities. My favourite find was my Santa snow globe, I love snow globes and this was the most traditional one I could find. It's also musical and plays We Wish you a Merry Christmas. 

The Merry Christmas, Winter Village candle was a little Christmas treat from The English Soap Company and a very thoughtful one at that. The package came with the soy candle and two of their Christmas soaps which smell incredible. I absolutely love the box the candle comes in and it's taken pride of place on our new coffee side table. There are lots of variations available and they'd make lovely gifts too. 

Now that all our decorations are in place, I'm planning on doing another post to share how festive our home looks. I'd love to know where you've been buying your decorations, you can never have too many after all.

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