Sunday 4 December 2016

I Completed My Autumn Bucket List!

When I decided to create an Autumn Bucket List I kinda thought I'd fail at it a little, like miss one or two off or just give up after I had finally visited a pumpkin patch. I said in that post that I'd do an update so as I sieved through my Instagram photos it turned out that I checked almost every damn thing on my list! So if you missed my original post, here is a re-cap for you.

  • Visit a pumpkin patch
This was the thing I was most excited for. I found a pumpkin patch a mere ten minutes drive from us and a cosy Sunday in turned into me dragging everyone to a pumpkin patch but it was so worth it. The weather was fab, we took some incredible photos and we bought lots of pumpkins.

  • Bake some Autumn inspired cookies or cupcakes
Okay so I kinda cheated with this one but they're still Autumn inspired cupcakes and some bloody good ones at that. I actually bought these in Mettricks so I'm claiming it as my 'bake' goal as I did the second part of actually eating it! 

  • Watch Hocus Pocus
I watched Hocus Pocus for the first time last year on Netflix and since then, it's become my feel good movie as it's so easy to watch. I had this on most weekends in the run up to Halloween to get in the spooky spirit. 

  • Jump in a pile of leaves
I didn't post the photo of me throwing leaves around on my Instagram but while walking through the beautiful parks in Southampton, Rachel and I stopped to take some outfit photos and I jumped in a huge pile and throw a load up in the air. You kinda have to, don't you?

  • Carve a pumpkin or get all Pinterest and paint one
I was dying to do this after seeing so many amazing pins. Once I bought my pumpkin haul home, I went straight out for paint to get to work. For a first go, I was really happy with what I created but I'm so ready to go one step further next year.

  • Create some spiced cocktails
This actually ended up being for a post. I searched Google and Pinterest for ideas before sharing our three favourites in a blog post. Read what we created here - Autumn Cocktails you have to try

  • Spend an evening drinking hot chocolate and watching fireworks
On November 5th we always head to the firework display in Southampton City Centre and no firework display is complete without a warming hot chocolate. It was a fab evening with friends and playing with sparklers like children.

  • Have a cosy evening in with blankets, films and a takeaway
October & November have been the months of takeaways and cosy evenings in. Safe to say there is no summer body under this blanket at the moment. We've gone through multiple series on Netflix and we're currently watching Planet Earth.

  • Go on a ghost walk on Halloween
This is the only thing we didn't do as we couldn't get tickets for the walks. Instead we had (another), cosy evening in answering the door to trick or treaters and eating any left over sweets.

  • Take a walk through some woods to collect conkers and pine cones
The weather the last few months have been gorgeous in Southampton and I've spent a lot of my time walking through the many parks with friends collecting conkers, leaves and whatever else.

  • Stock up on candles ready for dark, crisp evenings
I've bought SO MANY candles. It's becoming a slight problem. You can guarantee most evenings I've had something burning and I've bought some fabulous Christmas scents for the next month too.

  • Take advantage of Lush Cosmetics new collection & have pumpkin bubble baths
Lush seasonal bath bombs... Need I say more?

  • Get your favourite barista to design pumpkin latte art on your morning coffee
I can always count of James from Mettricks to deliver exactly what I want. I requested a pumpkin on my latte and so I was given a pumpkin on my latte! Best service ever.

  • Crack out MAC Rebel... because Autumn
Okay, so I'm not actually wearing Rebel in this photo because I don't have a photo of me wearing it but this amazingly dark shade is by Kat Von D and it's EVERYTHING. It's called exorcism and I kinda love it because it matches my soul.

  • Make an Autumn inspired spiced soup
We've found the ultimate soup flavour that isn't quite Autumnal but put the heating on and add some sourdough then it's as good as. We're loving making Carrot & Coconut soup from scratch at the moment after getting the recipe from my Aunt.

  • Try one of Starbucks new Christmas flavours in a red cup
The red cups are back! I tried the Fudge Hot Chocolate while Rachel had a Gingerbread Latte. I never order Christmas drinks as I find them too sweet but at least I can say I've had one now.

What have you been doing this Autumn?

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