Wednesday 14 December 2016

Christmas Stocking Memories

Christmas is all around us at the moment and I'm feeling particularly festive this year. WoolOvers recently sent me a beautiful, personalised stocking made from pure merino wool with a cashmere surprise inside as well as lots of other little gifts. They specialise in all natural knitwear which is stylish and affordable, so with my polar bear pyjamas on, I dived in...

While I sat opening my stocking, I was instantly transported back to opening my stocking as a child and thinking about all the presents inside that us 90's kids would definitely remember. This gave me the idea for this post straight away, so welcome back to Christmas in the 90's everyone:

Alien Babies 
Remember those plastic eggs with lots of junk inside housing our new babies? Alien Babies were the thing to have, we had them in various colours and we all tried mating them by putting their backs together. This was the ultimate stocking filler in 1996.

Avon Christmas Soaps 
Every year the Avon lady would drop in the Christmas catalogue, you'd go through it and somehow Father Christmas just knew you wanted the Snowman globe which also doubled up as a soap that you'd never actually use for washing just for decoration. 

Cadbury Selection Boxes 
Back in the day selection boxes were huge, you had ten chocolates inside and they were all full size. By full size I mean three times the size they are in the shops now. Our selection boxes were the thing of chocolate gods in the 1990's but also the reason we felt very sick by 9am on Christmas morning. 

Magic Flannels 
These little bits of magic were fab for all of a minute. Available in Barbie, Action Man, Carebears and numerous other prints. You just ran them under water and bam, you have a flannel. The perfect stocking filler. 

Chocolate Coins 
If you didn't find chocolate coins to try and spend in the local corner shop... then pfft. These were tasty and a little dangerous because if you pulled them apart wrong they were a foil cut waiting to happen. 

Yo Yos 
The toy that could keep you entertained for hours or until your parents take it off you because you keep hitting your sibling in the face while practising your new tricks. I had a blue and silver one and once I perfected those tricks there was no stopping me, well until something more exciting came along.

Lip Smackers
Usually in chocolate, strawberry or something equally as sweet. We'd pop them straight into our puppy shaped bags and walk around proudly pulling the balm out to apply like lipstick, just like mumma. I can't believe these are still around today!

Impulse Body Spray
This was as grown up as having your own perfume got. My favourite one was the Spice Girls limited edition and I practically used half a can per application. Occasionally you'd find a Musk scent and have to discreetly dispose of it. 

Bath Pearls
They were small, round and squishy or in shapes like hearts and stars. You'd put them in the bath where they would melt and the inside would add bubbles or a scent to the bath. More often than not you'd get out with a skin reaction but those five minutes playing with the outer bit were worth it. 

Stick-On Earrings
If you hadn't quite wormed your way around your parents to get your ears pierced then these were the next best thing. A sheet of earrings for the whole month in various shapes, from stars and hearts to diamonds and squares usually in a whole host of hideous colours and you'd always lose one after a hour. 

What 90's stuff did you get in your stockings? Help me relive some memories! 

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