Saturday 20 August 2016

Summer Food Festival with West Quay

Some lovely bloggers and I from the South Coast were invited in to dine with West Quay last week as part of their Summer Food Festival which is taking place throughout August. Over the last couple of years West Quay have welcomed a range of new restaurants into their dining terrace and with Watermark West Quay quickly being built we'll have even more new places to choose from soon.

The aim of the evening was to have a starter, main and dessert in three different restaurants so we could see what was available. We started the evening in Nandos with starters from their menu while we all chatted and caught up on our lives, blogs and jobs. We tried the Wing Roulette, Garlic Bread, Halloumi, Mixed Olives, Houmous with Peri-Peri Drizzle, Red Pepper Dip and Peri-Peri nuts. I'm a huge Nandos fan so I was more than happy to start here.

After filling ourselves full of chicken we headed to the next restaurant, Handmade Burger Company where we chatted even more and tucked into delicious burgers. I had one of their smaller burgers as the portions are huge, the Beef Cheese Classic is packed with mature cheddar, original HBC burger relish, mayo, lettuce, tomato and red onion. We also ordered some of the Rosemary & Peri Peri Chips to share between us all. 

Our last port of call was Snog, renowned for their frozen yogurt and multiple toppings. I'd been meaning to try Snog since it opened so I was more than happy to place my order. I went with the milk chocolate frozen yogurt topped with mini smarties, chocolate flakes and marshmallows. My thoughts were that we were already quite full so what's some chocolate going to do? After we had all ordered we went our separate ways to go home and nurse our food babies. As always, we had a fab with with Lauren, West Quay and all the restaurants we went too and I'm going to be dragging the mister to Nandos for more chicken next week.

All food provided for the purpose of review - see disclaimer.
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