Friday 12 August 2016

My Makeup Storage

If little old me had a Youtube channel then I'd put all this in a video but I don't like my voice on camera so stay tuned for a pretty lengthy blog post. I received the Her Clutter Box make up storage draws last month and oh my they have changed my life. I always had acrylic storage but it was really small, meaning most of my products were tucked away and didn't get the love they deserved.

Now I can just pull out a draw and I have everything my heart could desire, well apart from the two makeup storage units that are still tucked away. I need Alex draws desperately. I have the Crystal Clear four drawer storage which comprises of three standard size drawers, one large drawer and the top lifts up but I keep some of my perfumes on top. 

Top Drawer
My top drawer in the storage box is full of the majority of my base products so they're all in one place. My foundations sit at the front with Seventeen's Stay Time still being my most used with the Clarins Skin Detox Fluid being a close second. I also keep my primers, mini bottle of Fix+, W7 Banana Powder, Too Faced face powder and any colour corrector products in this draw.

Second Drawer
The second drawer is a little bit random but kept predominately for palettes. You'll find all four of my Urban Decay Naked palettes in here plus the Naked Basics. There's also the Sleek Solstice highlighting palette and Contour Kit and an Estee Lauder eyeshadow palette. I also keep my favourite mascaras in this drawer. I'm using Wet n Wild, Urban Decay, Maxfactor and Clarins at the moment. Lastly there are three stick highlighters, the Clinique Chubby Stick Highlight, Benefit Watt's Up! and Seventeen SkinWow as they don't fit in the next drawer down.

Third Drawer
This is my favourite drawer as it's full of my bronzer, blush and highlights. For bronzer I use Cover FX, The Balm, Seventeen and Natural Collection. I have a mixture of powder and cream blushes. Something Special by MAC Cosmetics is a long time favourite and Posietint Cheek Stain from Benefit is such a handy multiuse product. I've just added some Makeup Geek to my bronzer and blush collection too. The last row of dividers is full of highlighters. I'm not sure where my highlight obsession came from but they've increased quite quickly with Mary Lou Manizer, MAC Cosmetics Stereo Rose and the Anastasia Illuminator being my most used. I also keep some of my brow products at the front of this draw. 

Fourth Drawer
LIPSTICKS! Alllllll the lipsticks and pencils, crayons, liquid lipsticks and everything else in-between. I've split the drawer into compartments so I have my MAC Cosmetic lipsticks at the front then Sleek Makeup and Wet n Wild behind. Next is where I keep all my Urban Decay lipsticks which include their normal line, Alice Through the Looking Glass and Gwen Stefani collections. The last compartment is for all my random lipsticks from Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Tom Ford, Nudus and Avon. I keep my lip liners, crayons and liquid lipsticks behind. 

So there you have a small insight into what makeup I reach for and what I keep on my dresser. Maybe when I finally invest in the Alex drawers I'll be able to have all my makeup in one place! If you're looking for acrylic storage then make sure you head over to Her Clutter Box to see what they have on offer. 

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