Thursday 4 August 2016

Five Hair Favourites

My hair is probably one of my favourite things about me, I've always had thick, luscious locks and I have always taken care of it. I'm forever going through products and finding new favourites and today I'm sharing five of my must have hair products from a sea salt spray and oil to a mask and something to make blow drying that little bit easier.

A 7 in 1 hair treatment styler that is pretty incredible. I'm all over multi use products because I'm lazy, if a product can save me ten or so minutes, I'm yours. My hair feels smoother and less knotty with a beautiful shine to it and with Dr. Paw Paw's signature scent of mango and coconut, it also keeps my hair smelling gorgeous and unlike some leave in treatments the scent hangs around, especially when I'm swishing my hair about. There is also no tacky feeling and my hair doesn't feel weighed down by the product. It's LOVE.

I always have a sea salt spray tucked away somewhere and I would never go on holiday without one. The John Freida Sea Waves is my spray of choice as it adds natural looking tousled waves. I use this with towel dried hair, spraying all over then teasing waves with my fingers. I don't find it as tacky as some on the market and it has a holiday infused scent of coconut. 

I have been using the No Oil Oil for years. It's aimed for fine hair but I find it works really well on my thick hair. When my hair is towel dried, I just the run oil from root to tip to add extra volume. The oil is light weight and water based meaning it doesn't clog up hair and it leaves it feeling hydrated and nourished. I've gone through countless bottles of this and it will always be a firm favourite on my hair shelf. 

I've been a firm lover of Espa since blogging and regularly visit them for facials. During the facials I always have the Pink Hair & Scalp mud run through my hair which leaves it healthy, glossy and more manageable. It's an intensely nourishing treatment that's a fab product to use on dry hair. Rich in vitamins and oils, it's the ultimate treat for hair. 

The L'Incroyable BlowDry is the newest product to the hair shelf and 100% worth it. It's a multipurpose product that helps restyling with just one application. Straight, curly and back to straight is no problem with this! With reshapeable microwax technology it's the ultimate product to use with your favourite heat styling tools. Once applied to damp hair the product is stimulated by heat allowing the micro particles of the serum to melt, locking in your style which can then be reactivated up to four times until your next hair wash. This stuff is extremely fancy pants and the perfect tool for anyone that wants to continually change their style. 

What are you hair favourites? Have you tried any of the above products?

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