Wednesday 3 August 2016

Sleek Makeup Colour Corrector Palette

Sleek Makeup have been my go to budget brand this year and each new release brings even more banging products to my collection with the Colour Corrector Palette being the latest addition. I've been toying with the idea of using correction sticks for some time but as I wasn't sure what to buy I held off as I wanted to pick up a few of the pencils to try, now I don't have to do that because everything I need is in one place.

The Colour Corrector Palette was released the end of July and you can pick one up for yourself for just £7.99. It's in Sleek's standard black matte packaging and it's small enough to pop in your bag if you need it during the day. All six shades are a cream texture aimed to hide multiple skin problems you may suffer with. Each of the easy to blend correctors neutralise blemishes and imperfections leaving you with a flawless base to get to work on. 

The six shades work as follows - 
Green neutralises redness making it perfect for concealing scars and blemishes. 
Lilac neutralises yellow areas, brightening sallow & dull complexions. 
Blue neutralises orange which is perfect for freckles. 
Rose adds radiance and evens our dark spots. 
Yellow neutralises purple areas such as under eye areas for lighter skin tones. 
Orange neutralises blue which works best for dark circles on darker skin tones. 

I've been using the green, blue and rose shades the most to cover subtle scarring and freckles. I love the rose shade to really inject some brightness back into my skin too. I use a small, flat foundation brush to apply the product as you don't need much to attend to the area you're covering and as the cream is a light consistency you don't need to use much. It's a handy little bargain and one I'll be buying a back up of as soon as I start to hit pan. 

Do you use colour correctors? What are your favourites?

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