Monday 22 August 2016

I'm on the Shortlist! #BloggersBlogAwards

Well this is bloody exciting isn't it? I was minding by own business and stuffing my face with chocolate buttons when my Twitter blew up and I had an email from the mega babe that is Hayley from Tea Party Beauty to tell me, my little 'ol blog Annie Writes Beauty had been shortlisted for Best Beauty!

Over just a mere two years, the Bloggers Blog Awards have grown so much and Hayley and all the judges have done an incredible job. Hayley should be so proud because she has brought something amazing to the community and I'm so overwhelmed and grateful to even be included let alone shortlisted. 

This post is mainly so I can say thank you, thank you for following my blog, for commenting on my posts and trusting my opinions to go and buy the products I'm loving. I'm up against some of my all time faves and there are some incredible bloggers in the other categories too, I'm also mega excited to go to Leeds for the weekend as I haven't been in years! 

If you love reading my blog as much as I love writing it then you can vote for me via this link - #BloggersBlogAwards.

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