Friday 18 September 2015

Merumaya Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil

I took the plunge with facial oils earlier this year and I've been so surprised at just how great they are for the skin. Having suffered with oily skin for years I was under the impression a facial oil would just worsen the situation. Oh how wrong was I?! Turns out facial oils do the wonders for oily skin when applied within in a skincare routine. Most say to use twice daily but I only ever use mine at night before my moisturiser. Merumaya have just released their Everything, Everywhere Beauty Oil which is the multi purpose beauty oil you need on your dressing table.

The Everything, Everywhere oil is perfect for face, body, hair, cuticles, lashes, the list is endless and with the super ingredient Kahai Oil you'd be silly not to add this to your routine. Kahai Oil contains more essential fatty acids and Vitamin E than Argan, Borage and Hazelnut oils and three times more Retinol than Rosehip Oil all of which help soften lines and wrinkles, boost radiance and give lasting hydration. 

As I said above, I use my beauty oil before my nightly moisturiser, one small drop is enough for my face and it soaks in effortlessly leaving no residue. I've also been using this in my hair over night and it's really helped any frizz I suffer with while also teasing down a kink I have on my right side. 

The Everything, Everywhere Beauty Oil has really impressed me, I love Merumaya products because they just work and this oil is a welcome addition to their ever growing beauty range especially as the beauty oil has the familiar Merumaya scent, same as with all their products. If you're looking for a multi purpose facial oil then make sure you look into this little wonder. Available online and selected John Lewis stores retailing at £26.

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