Sunday 6 September 2015

Lush Summer Launch Event

Last week I was invited along to the Lush Southampton Blogger Event which was showcasing their new Summer products. There were products from Lush Oxford Street, new formulas and all things Lush. Rosie and her team always put on awesome events, they're an incredibly welcoming bunch and there is always a friendly face whenever I go into the store. One of the new soaps launched was Layer Cake which has lots of fruity layers which also inspired The Fruit Bar for the evening where we could mix up our drinks and fruit pots.

There were SO many new products so each member of staff were on hand to talk us through what was what. Rachel, Lexie and I were talked through the new hair care by Lucy and if it had been my pay day I would of bought everything she spoke about. Christine was on hands for the evening showing hand melts, scrubs and massage bars while Natasha was talking all things bath bomb and Lex was snapping photos all night and giving lots of product advice.

We also had the chance to make our own Creamy Candy, Rosie talked us through what went into them while Natalie lent a helping hand. After the mixture had expanded we all stood around to make our own. A few made classic Creamy Candy shapes while most made hearts and one made a star. After placing little flowers on for the final touch we placed them all into pots to harden overnight before we could use them. After buying some of the new products and taking a group photo it was time to leave with a lovely goody bag full of new products to try. 

Thank you so much to Rosie and the team for hosting a very lushy night, I always look forward to them and come away with a huge wishlist of new products to try. If you're still yet to try Lush and you're in Southampton make sure you pop in and see everyone at the Lush Southampton store.

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