Saturday 12 September 2015

Why I'll Never Use Rimmel Again.

I'm not usually a negative nelly on here but I'm so disappointed and genuinely annoyed with Rimmel that I just had to write a post on it. I've used Rimmel on and off over the years but have never been a massive fan of their products. A few months back my younger sister wanted to try out a highstreet primer so I suggested the Stay Matte Primer as it's the one product I do quite like of theirs. Emily has quite sensitive skin, as do I but because I've never had an issue with it, she went straight out to buy it. 

After just one day of using it she started to develop a really irritated, nasty rash all over her face which soon developed into small like blisters. It was sore, angry and extremely uncomfortable. The Rimmel primer was the only thing she had changed in her whole routine so she stopped using it immediately. After a doctor's visit, a very expensive prescription for multiple items (which if I was her, I'd charge back to Rimmel) and absolutely zero product on her face it gradually started to clear up but because of the severe reaction she has been left with puck marks and scarring from the blisters. And no she didn't pick them. 

I thought Rimmel would be really helpful with this issue and I told her to email or tweet them straight away for some help. In the past when I've had a reaction, specifically with Clinique their customer service has been exceptional, Rimmel's however was terrible. I'm actually shocked at how bad such a well known company has dealt with this matter. A matter that has been ongoing now for TWO MONTHS!!! 

After a few tweets by myself and some other bloggers, they finally acknowledged her to then completely ignore her again. Last week I tweeted them again and tagged her in and she then got a reply pretty swiftly. The last week they have been emailing back and forth but their first solution was for her to choose three Rimmel products of her choice as way of apology. Now if you had just had a severe reaction would you then go on and try more of their products? Would you hell. Emily said this in her email back to them to which they then replied saying they would need the product returned to them because all the ingredients are listed on said product. Why doesn't a company such as Rimmel have that on file?! She was also told that "Before compensation can be considered it has to be proven that our product actually caused the problem" I'm sorry?! What?! 

If you look at the back of the majority of Rimmel products the amount of shit they put in them is astounding. No wonder they sell their products so cheaply. The rest of the emails and messages between my sister and Rimmel have just been ridiculous. It's safe to say that Rimmel DEFINITELY DO NOT have their customers best interests at heart. Emily reported a severe reaction, she hasn't emailed from the beginning demanding refunds and compensation, she's just emailed to let them know that one of their products have PERMANENTLY scarred her face. I have emailed companies in the past for whatever issue and have always had a very helpful person at the end of the email. 

The fact that Rimmel have pretty much brushed this issue under the carpet makes me so angry and it would be a completely different story had it not just been "one of the little people". Just goes to show the customers at the bottom of the 'food' line who buy their products, use them and then recommend them are the people they couldn't give a toss about.

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