Friday 1 August 2014

July in Instagram

I hold my hands up. I'm addicted to Instagram and the Valencia filter. This is my July highlights and if you don't already follow me you can find me on my favourite app on the username alicespake.
1. I had a special little delivery from Vitacoco UK which Arran was very happy about as he drinks gallons of the stuff. I can't wait to try the lemonade one. 
2. Arran and I take a lot of selfies. We also match my lipstick to his t-shirts without realising. MAC's Pink Nouveau is one of my faves for Summer. 
3. I went for nude nails for the end of the month with Ciate's My Fair Lady. 
4. My sister and I also take a lot of selfies while pulling stupid faces. MAC Lippy for us both in this one. I'm wearing Pink Poodle and Emily is wearing Crosswires. 
5. My lovely Grandmother celebrated her 70th birthday with this beautiful cake made by the amazingly talented Rachel Manning Cakes. 
6. My little Cousin also celebrated his 8th birthday with a barbeque with all the family and these yummy cupcakes. 
7. We Went to Sprinkles in Southampton and ate a while lotta waffle! Best gelato ever! 
8. Tigger had a little operation and he looked too cute with his bandage on not to take a photo. 
9. The latest addition to the ever growing Marc Jacobs collection, Daisy Dream. The most beautiful bottle I've ever seen. And it doesn't smell too bad either!

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