Monday 4 August 2014

Candy Yum Yum V Kelly Yum Yum

As you will know if you're a regular reader I'm partial to a MAC lippy or five. I keep meaning to do a collection post but for the mean time I have a lotta yum yum for you today! I recently picked up Kelly Yum Yum from the latest Osbourne collection because I had to have something from it and that was all that was left. As you can probably tell I have one that is quite similar already, Candy Yum Yum. 

(Top - Candy Yum Yum & Bottom - Kelly Yum Yum)

Candy Yum Yum is from MAC's permanent line and comes in a matte finish. It's a shocking pink and not for the faint hearted. This is as bold as they come! The matte range can be quite drying but this is slightly creamier than most. Kelly Yum Yum is a satin finish so even creamier and they both last for hours! No touch ups here! 

They are both SO similar but they do have slight differences, and I mean slight. Kelly Yum Yum is much warmer and a touch darker than Candy Yum Yum and I find it a little more wearable but that's it. Do I need both of these, probably not but I needed the lilac packaging. Terrible excuse right?

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