Friday 6 January 2023

Beautifect - The answer to beauty blender hygiene concerns

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People on Tik Tok have been raising concerns over mould and hygiene in recent posts when talking about their makeup sponges. The beauty brand, Beautifect has come to the rescue with their must-have companion to every blender the Beautifect Blender Pod.

It is the best way to keep your blender clean!

At least once a week you should wash and dry your makeup sponge to prevent dirt and mould buildup. Washing your sponge is very easy, just wet your sponge, add some soap, rinse thoroughly, and dry! The most important thing is leaving your makeup sponge/blender in a spot that is dry to get circulation - enter Beautifect's innovative Blender Pod!

The Beautifect Blender Pod is the perfect place to protect and store your blender due to its practicality meaning there is no cross-contamination when your blender is not in use; providing a skin-friendly, no-breakout flawless result. The chic-designed Beautifect Blender Pod also has a seamless twisting front and perforated ventilation holes for optimum aeration. 

No harmful bacteria, no mess and most certainly no mould!

The Beautifect Blender and Pod is a number one Best Seller at Harrods and is a beauty main-stay in the kits of celebrities, influencers and global makeup artists. The redefined triple-edged design absorbs 50% less product absorption (compared with other blenders on the market) and leaves you with a flawless, airbrush finish. 

Have you tried Beautifect before?

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