Monday 30 January 2023

Five Happy Things // January 2023

Five Happy Things is BACK - I tried to do these posts most months last year but definitely missed the last couple of the year because we were so busy and then really ill over Christmas. It's nice to have a little look back though, isn't it? For me, so I can see what we were up to and I suppose sheer nosiness for others, we all do it! 

January, considering it is such a miserable month wasn't too shabby for us. We craved the routine of school and work again, we've seen a few sunny days and had some fun socialising. I sometimes feel I get wrapped up with everyone else hating on the first month of the year but I didn't do that this year, I've just sat back and enjoyed it. I highly recommend it. 

Here's how some of our January looked, I've picked out the best bits...

Arvia has arrived!
The start of January began with a ship tour on P&O Cruises newest ship, Arvia. Sister ship to Iona, Arvia is currently spending the winter season in the Caribbean before arriving back in Southampton for her Mediterranean cruises later this year. Weighing over 180,000 tonnes she is packed full of restaurants, bars, casinos, a theatre, a gin distillery and SO much more. I feel as though we barely scratched the surface while onboard. I'm back on in May so hopefully, I can catch anything I missed then. 

Books, books and more books
Juggling two children last year made finding time to read quite difficult but since around December time I've found my reading mojo again and I'm genuinely looking forward to picking up where I left off. I've read seven books in January so will do a round-up soon. Lessons in Chemistry was one I really enjoyed. 

Buying more plants
Has buying plants become a personality trait for me? Maybe. To be honest, a few years ago I couldn't keep a plant alive and now I have nearly thirty of them dotted around the house and can't help myself buying more. I just really enjoy plants, growing them, nurturing them plus they're good for the air. 

Post New Year Catch Up 
January saw my post-new year catch-up with the girls - we went to HarBar on 6th and had the best time! I think we ended up staying there until 8/9pm because we had so much to catch up on and they kept bringing us more drinks - we were absolutely not complaining. We had the best time! Definitely somewhere to visit if you're looking for gorgeous views and great food in Southampton.

A Day on the Isle of Wight
The end of the month saw us spending the day in the Isle of Wight with Visit Isle of Wight. With our eldest at a train convention with my parents, we took the one-year-old on the ferry and to Osborne House. Thankfully it was dry and we even had some sunshine - it was such a fun day, we laughed, E ran around, we missed J so much and then we hopped on the RedJet home. I'll be sharing a blog post on the day very soon too!

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