Wednesday 11 January 2023

New in from Upcircle Beauty for 2023

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Back in 2020, I came across Upcircle for the first time - an all-natural skincare brand that uses leftover ingredients, bringing them back to life as beauty products. Think used coffee grounds and fruit stones - ideal for the skin. Upcircle previously known as Optiat underwent a revamp in 2018 with a new name, logo and packaging! This saw all tubed products switched to 100% aluminium, glass or cardboard packaging all of which are easier to recycle.

The brand is very recycle, reuse and re-purpose which is exactly what we need in the current climate.

You can read more about my first thoughts on Upcircle in my post, Introducing the All-Natural Skincare Brand Upcircle but for now, I want to show you two of their brand-new products that I've been testing and using over the last month.

If there is one thing that I love when it comes to bathing, it's luxurious bubble milks and salts and oh boy are these fabulous. The beautifully scented bath salts are formulated using natural salts and aromatic botanicals to help calm the mind and relax the body. The combination of lavender and geranium oils paired with upcycled rose petals provide an uplifting floral scent while the various salts allow your body to completely unwind and relax. 

The jar is quite literally brimming with rose petals and a trio of natural salts such as epsom salt, sea salt and Himalayan pink salt - a complete dream to use altogether! Natural and sustainable, the product is packaged in 100% plastic free and refillable packaging in Upcircle's oh so dreamy green colourway. 

Just pour into hot water and allow the salts to dissolve so you don't have a Chandler Bing moment!

The second product is their uber softening vegan hand cream made with upcycled hibiscus flowers. The dermatologically approved hand cream moisturises dry and chapped hands with a fast absorbing non greasy formulation - can confirm no greasiness or stickiness in sight! Upcycled hibiscus flower acids contain 45% alpha-hydroxy acids helping to gently eliminate pollutants from the upper layers of the skin and stimulate cell renewal.

The prime ingredient in this formula is shea butter which is considered to be one of the most nourishing ingredients for the skin as it is rich in vitamins A, E and F which can aid in the production of collagen. It is really lovely to use and if you're looking for a good hand cream that beautifully nourishes hands this is ideal especially during the winter months. 

Both products are available on their website now - I would really urge you to try the bath salts, they just take your bath up a notch leaving you so perfectly relaxed. 

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