Friday 4 November 2022

The Attic Cocktails & Charcuterie // Southampton

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In 2021, The Attic Cocktails launched upstairs in Mettricks Guildhall bringing a dose of speciality cocktails to the city. Each one was intricately designed with a focus on taste and experience rather than just another two-for-one cocktail offering. It was new and exciting - a fun twist for Mettricks who has been the city's living room for a number of years. 

After being closed for the summer months, they have since reopened and oh boy are you in for a treat. Book or just wander in, The Attic is styled just like an old speakeasy cocktail bar with knick-knacks galore, comfy Chesterfield armchairs and notes of soft jazz playing in the background. 

It's a world away from what's right outside, and you'll never want to leave. 

With the addition of charcuterie, The Attic is the place to book this Autumn/Winter and what better way to while away a cold evening than under dimmed lights enjoying freshly prepared charcuterie with friends? 

The best bit? Each board is created in front of you, it's an experience - so much more than the ordinary. 

The cured meat selection is proudly from Cobble Lane Cured, a Cured Meat company based in London. Cobble Lane Cured believes in the best of British produce and showcases this through the succulent meat they produce and cure - delivering it in a style not necessarily familiarised in England. During this process, they salt, cure, dry and hang the meat making sure each piece is as delectable as the next, complimenting a charcuterie board perfectly. 

The Attic also select each of its cheeses from England, with a strong focus on Hampshire, Berkshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight - these counties have some of the best cheeses available in the world! 

All Boards are served with crackers, a bread selection, grapes, pickles, chutneys, gem lettuce, olives & butter. Delicious and full of flavour - we loved it!  

The cocktails are the main show and a world away from what you'd expect anywhere else. Each one has been expertly created by The Attic's in-house mixologist pairing flavours, spirits and ingredients to make something unforgettable. 

The Bankers Remedy has been a firm favourite - mixing Mozart White, Bumbu Rum, Mettricks House Coffee, Caramel Syrup & Tonka Bean extracts to create a tantalisingly sweet concoction. The tonka beans really pull through a delicate taste of vanilla making the cocktail beautifully smooth. 

My personal favourite is Herb Your Enthusiasm mixed with Silver Tequila, St.Germain, Basil Syrup, Sugar Syrup & Lime Juice. The basil really gives it a fresh, almost peppery flavour, my dream cocktail! 

There are fourteen cocktails to choose from or you could choose to have the Barman's Choice which I would really urge you to do. I've done this a couple of times and have always been treated to the most sensational cocktails. 

The Attic really know what they're doing - it's so much more than just drinks with friends, it's an experience that will stay with you, making you visit again and again. 

Head to to make a reservation or just pop in! 

You can find more details on their Instagram - The Attic Cocktails.

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