Tuesday 1 November 2022

Five Happy Things // October '22

And just like that there's another new month and update - I don't even want to think about next month and what's swung back around again so quickly, seriously where has this year gone? I feel like I've blinked and I'm back to Christmas shopping, mince pies and tinsel again. October went by so quickly that I feel as though I didn't even get to soak up my favourite month of the year - especially as we've had such a long half-term this year. 

We have truly tried to make the most of it though - we've baked Autumnal treats, celebrated J turning five, we've been to more soft play this month than ever before, Halloween was a hoot and I've somehow managed to pick out some favourites.

 Let's have a nose...

We celebrated J turning 5!
I think the most exciting thing this month has been our son turning five - FIVE! I remember the posts I shared when he was born and now he's a walking, talking, hilarious five-year-old with his own friends and interests. Time really does go so quickly! Rather than a party this year we said he could have a YES day so he could choose to do anything he wanted and we had to say yes. Thankfully that just involved soft play, McDonalds, shopping for trucks and Build-A- Bear so nothing too wild. Such a special weekend for a wonderfully special boy. 

Autumn Nails
The most wonderful time of year for nail colours - After Dark is back and my nails look fabulous. I also just really liked this photo so I'm just chucking it in as an easy addition. 

Autumnal Baking
I used to bake quite regularly but time really hasn't been on my side since having two bambinos so with one at school and one a little older I've tried to make more time for it - especially as there's nothing I love more than a warm loaf cake with a cuppa in the Autumn. I still have a Pumpkin Loaf Cake to try but we've baked a Biscoff Caramel Loaf Cake, a Spiced Honey Drizzle Loaf Cake and some easy Halloween bakes with the children. 

Our first Half-Term
With the five-year-old now at school we've just experienced our first half-term (and he's still not back until next week)! We've been to soft play, on coffee dates, days out, explored old ruins and basically just tried to keep them both as occupied as possible - I am TIRED but he keeps talking about what he has to tell his teacher so I think we did alright! 

Girl's Night at The Attic
I ended the night with girls' night which was fabulous! We headed to The Attic in Southampton for a night of soft jazz, delicious cocktails and charcuterie. We laughed, we cried with laughter, we ate cheese and we drank too many cocktails but what a way to round off the month - perfect! 

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