Wednesday 16 November 2022

5 Christmas Gift Sets from Temple Spa worth your money

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When it comes to Christmas gifting, Temple Spa have had one of the best selections this year. From stocking fillers and Secret Santa gifts to gorgeous gift sets and huge bundles - it is the perfect place to pick up everything you may need for your friends and family.

I've added a few gift sets to our Christmas gifting for the family so I'm gonna show you five of my top picks. 

You'll have to be quick with ordering as there's not long left until the big day now and Temple Spa ALWAYS sell out! 

RESTITUDE Shower & Bath Luxe (£20.00)
The perfect gift for someone close to you or even yourself! The super creamy liquid transforms into creamy, aromatic bubbles creating a dream bath for all.

Its relaxing vapours are abundant in soothing Mediterranean essential oils including patchouli, geranium, sweet orange and vetiver, infused in a base of coconut and sunflower oil making it beautifully kind to the skin. You'll also find warming and muscle-easing extracts of ginger and turmeric to help unwind the body. It comes packaged in their signature dark-toned packaging and will look super luxe in any bathing space.

BREATHE DEEP Festive Aromatic Diffuser (£45.00)
Is there anything better than a warming, festive fragrance around the home? I adore diffusers as they subtly scent your space and BREATHE DEEP is beautiful and not just because of that oh-so-gorgeous bottle! 

Discover vibrant citrus notes balanced with rich plum, leather and a hint of delicate florals, rose and jasmine, while base notes of oakmoss and tonka bean encourage you to breathe deep and experience a full-bodied aroma. A comforting fragrance cleverly blended to fill your home with aromatic colour and warmth.

This is the ultimate gift set for soothing your senses and relieving stress. It aims to be a complete ritual centred around you to create a peaceful respite. It includes SERENITUDE Calming & Sensual Mist, a sensuous and delicate body and room fragrance crafted with the most sensual and comforting Mediterranean essential oils including sweet orange, neroli, thyme, chamomile, eucalyptus, cypress, lavender, patchouli, frankincense and myrrh.

SERENITA Calming & Sensual Bath Soak should be a bathroom staple - wonderfully scented with Mediterranean essential oils including neroli, thyme, chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender, patchouli and myrrh, sure to transform a dip in your bathtub into a spa-like experience. Finally, there is a Satin Eye Mask and SERENTINI Massage Oil Melt, a luxurious balm that melts into the skin - once again fragranced with essential oils and skin-nurturing ingredients.

This is going to be a sell-out - a gorgeous set of six luxury products in really generous sizes for a great price. Carefully selected, the set contains aromatherapy journeys to either restore, energise, or relax using botanical blends of Mediterranean essential oils. Inside you'll find ZEST FOR LIFE Shower Gel, GOOD FOR YOU Body Lotion, TAKE YOUR TIME Shower Gel, REST EASY Body Lotion, SEIZE THE DAY Shower Gel and AAAHHH! Cooling Skin Balm. 

It's a really great set with some of Temple Spa's best-sellers - what a wonderful way to try them! 

The Temple Spa Truffle collections are some of my all-time favourites - I always have a pot of Skin Truffle to hand because it adds a beautiful radiance to skin. This year, there are three Absolute Truffle sets to choose from, Skin Truffle, Truffle De-Light and Truffle Noir. Think black summer truffles, champagne, cocoa and strawberry extract all rich in antioxidants and you have the collection in one. 

Each set features your choice of moisturiser plus TRUFFLESQUE & Brush, TRUFFLELIXIR and EYE TRUFFLE. What a treat to find under the Christmas tree this year! 

Shop the Christmas gifting range direct with Templa Spa - Luxury Skincare, Spa & Beauty Products | Temple Spa

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