Wednesday 8 June 2022

Three Pixi Face Masks to add to your Bathroom Shelf

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Face masks are my skincare go-to whenever I want ten minutes on my own in the evening, sometimes I apply them while I'm bathing the children and I have quite the collection. Over the last year, I've added a number of newbies to my bathroom shelf including three from Pixi Beauty. 

Now... you only need to search Pixi Beauty to see just how much I've tried over the years so it was about time I added this little review to the mix. 

There are three mask tubs to choose from, each for a specific skincare concern - what one will you try?

If you want something beautifully soothing on your skin then the Pixi Milky Remedy Mask is perfect for you! Suitable for all skin types, the mask is full of nutrients and botanical. The jelly formula helps to nourish stressed complexions and is perfect if you've caught a little too much sunshine. 

With coconut to condition, chamomile to calm and sea buckthorn to hydrate it's a real treat to use. Topped with oat extract, the mask helps to soothe the look of redness and irritation, quenching thirsty skin and creating a soft, revitalised appearance. 

With a handy scoop upon the side of the pot to keep it hygienic, it's such a great mask to keep to hand especially if you're exploring skincare for the first time.

Next up is a touch of rose! Uber nourishing, the Rose Remedy Mask is designed to tone and refine the skin thanks to its nutrient-rich botanical blend. The formula has a cool, jelly-like texture that looks and feels like a soothing skin-loving treat.

Packed full of rosehip oil, the mask is incredibly moisturising - hydration will be locked in for longer, warding off dryness while conditioning argan oil to help create a smoother end result. Natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory cica works to calm irritation while turmeric gives antioxidant protection to the skin. 

It has a delicate rose scent and feels beautiful against the skin - such a great all-rounder suitable for all skin types.

If you want to enhance your complexion and give it more brightness then this is the mask for you. It's boosted with tantalising citrus extracts as well as Ginseng for a replenishing shot of radiance, and antioxidant-rich ferulic acid to encourage a powerful shield of defence across your visage, protecting it from harsh external aggressors.

Gentle Green Tea promotes a firmer, plumper illusion, while also helping to tone your complexion making it ideal for people who aren't getting their eight hours or who have a child that wakes at 5am every morning. I love this for when I need a boost, usually on a Sunday night so I'm prepped for the week ahead.

Three masks suitable for all skin types, what one would you choose?

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