Sunday 5 June 2022

The Bok Shop // Southampton

(Press visit for the purpose of review - see disclaimer)

If there's one thing (I mean there's lots but stick with me...) that Southampton is great for it's the foodie scene and oh has it just stepped up a notch with the addition of The Bok Shop, now found at West Quay. The Bok Shop is known for its fried chicken and vegan chikn so much so that they've won a few awards along the way. 

Founded in Brighton, 2017 by friends Jamie and Howard, The Bok Shop is inspired by London style fried chicken culture, the menu is a balance of contemporary and nostalgic street-style food, cooked with fresh and homemade ingredients.

With influences from Asia, Southern United States and London, they've collaborated with published chef Adam O’Shepherd to offer a classic chicken shop menu with a ‘Bok Shop’ twist. Southampton will also see the first-ever fried chicken and sneaker shop as they collaborate with Offgrid Ldn with a sneaker pop-up store.

The beauty of The Bok Shop is that they cook using state of the art Henny Penny pressure fryers which lock in moisture and flavour in every single drop. Their mission is simple - to cook ethical, tasty, homemade fried chicken and oh do they hit the spot. 

I visited the new Southampton site during opening week and was blown away (I've been back three times since). From the quirky decor, hip hop influences, dark tiling and posters adorning every wall to the free play arcade machines and of course delicious food - it was pretty spectacular. 

Jamie and Howard said order anything so that is what I did. The Jennifer Buffalopez with crispy fried thigh doused in honey and ginger buffalo sauce with creamy blue cheese was delicious while the Goku fried chicken tenders coated in homemade sweet and tangy Japanese style sauce with sesame and spring onion has well and truly stolen my chicken loving heart. 

I have dreamt about those babies...

Finished off with seasoned fried, frickles and coleslaw - the food hit new levels of euphoria, it was that good. 

I think I've said to everyone I've spoken to recently that they need to try The Bok Shop - it's new, fun and the food is genuinely incredible. 

Almost everything can be made vegan too - which is such a great thing to see!

Oh and don't leave before you've tried a Kinder Milkshake - hands down, best milkshake I've ever tried. 

When are you going to make it bok?

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