Friday 17 June 2022

Introducing Nursem's NEW Bodycare Range

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Nursem has featured a few times over the last two years on my blog, I first discovered them in 2020 and I've had a tube of their hand cream on my bedside table ever since. Excitingly, this year sees the launch of two new products - a body cream and a body wash, both of which I've been trying the last few weeks. 

Nursem was founded by husband and wife team Jonny and Antonia, a paediatric nurse - who knows first-hand just how much hands go through with constant washing while looking after patients. Nursem is a passionately advocated brand, loved by nurses, mums and many more. They're on a mission to make sure that every nurse and midwife in the country gets Nursem for free and at the same time help all other hard-working hands in need.

The new body collection launched recently and so having used it for the last few weeks it's time I give a little rundown and share my thoughts. 

The first product is the super moisturising body wash, ideal for sensitive skin. The wash doesn't just clean your skin, it cares for it. The wash gently lathers once in contact with water and creates a soft, moisturising texture to keep skin feeling soft, well-conditioned and cared for. 

Helping to soothe irritated, sensitive skin with calming Alpha-Bisabolol, it also contains a blend of Pomegranate, Passionfruit, Soya & Grapeseed oils. This helps to protect and restore the skin's natural barrier, so your skin feels noticeably moisturised and cared for post-wash.

I've really enjoyed using this (when my husband hasn't pinched it for his gym bag) and with gift sets available, you can save yourself some money with their introductory offer. 

To complement the body wash, there is also a body cream available which seems like such a natural product move after the much-loved hand cream - I'm a big fan! The ultra-nourishing body cream is formulated for everyday use, using active ingredients to help maintain a healthy skin barrier. 

For those with dry and sensitive skin, the cream is intensely soothing and aims to effectively rehydrate the skin, bringing it back to a healthy balance. Once again featuring Alpha-Bisabolol to calm skin, the formula also features Squalane, Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium PCA. These actives help the skin barrier function, preventing moisture loss and easing any tightness or irritation while the rich blend of Pomegranate, Passionfruit, Soya & Grape seed oils help to moisture and condition. 

It is described as fast absorbing but that's actually my only complaint about it - I don't find it fast-absorbing at all but as I use this before bed, I don't find that too much of an issue. Maybe it's my skin, maybe it's not, you'd have to make your own judgement on that bit. 

Putting the absorption aside, it's a really great daily moisturiser for skin and I've noticed in difference in softest over the last few weeks, especially on my arms. I imagine it'll be great in the colder months.

Both products are available direct from the Nursem website - you can purchase individually or as a set of two saving yourself £7.50. Nursem is such a great brand and definitely one to support. If you have a chance, have a read of their story on their website. 

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