Friday 28 January 2022

Lush Cosmetics Introduces Adventures in Bathing

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Since Lush Co-Founder, Mo Constantine invented the bath bomb over 30 years ago, Lush has always been about advocating wellbeing. I've experienced a number of their products and spa experiences over the years and it's where I go whenever I want to truly pamper myself or a friend.

“We believe in long candlelit baths, sharing showers, massage, and filling the world with perfume”

Their latest launch sees Lush offering transformative experiences, away from endless scrolling with the launch of six bath bombs curated alongside visual and audio accompaniments. For the first time, they've been able to capture the mood and escapism meaning bath time just stepped up a gear. 

Find out more below...

Probably my favourite of the six available, Lakes transforms the water into a green and blue paradise enveloping your bathroom in its heady, herby scent. Lush has created this as a way to bring the outdoors in and it works perfectly. I opted for the full experience when trying Lakes for the first time and set up the Spotify playlist that's been created to go with it and oh boy, what an experience!

"Prepare to float away and reconnect with nature in lush, floral landscapes. Bathe in nature with Lakes bath bomb and cleanse your mind with grounding aromas of herbaceous Siberian Pine and honeyed Osmanthus absolute. Inspired by the tranquillity of the Lake District, for bath time that brings the outdoors in"

Diamond Dust (£8.50)
This one is FANCY but also the most expensive of the bunch - I can't seem to find out why there is such a price increase on this one compared to the others so just keep that in mind when ordering. Diamond Dust is a slow burner and takes its time to dissolve but when it does it leaves a musky pink shade to the bath with an oh so fabulous helping of glitter. The scent is great, I really like it but the price really puts me off this one.

"Exude Main Character energy with Diamond Dust: the glittering epitome of 70’s disco glamour with a fresh, futuristic vibe. For when you want to go all out when you’re staying in, Diamond Dust is our most extravagant, fancy-free creation yet. Think of this vibrant Neroli & Black Pepper fizzer as a disco ball for your bathtub, packed full of plastic-free glitter"

This one screams fancy pants bath and I love it but be prepared for an incredible amount of glitter because it just keeps coming. Discover rich, golden swirls of glitter mixed with dark waves of water to create the indulgent bath of dreams. It smells so beautiful, the jasmine mixed with the vanilla and sandalwood really is something to shout about. Big, big love for Luxe!

"Melt into out-of-this-world indulgence with Luxe, the ultimate bougie bath time companion for levelled up luxury. Transport yourself with a decadent Jasmine, Vanilla & Sandalwood fragrance and a hydrating boost of vitamin A rich Bakuchi Oil for benefits that go way beyond bathing"

One for the unicorn fans, this one is colourful and full of glitter. I found this quite mellow and my son adored it but boy is it slow to fizz - I had to break it up a little to get it going which was a shame. This also turned my son's skin pink, it was easily fixable but did last 12 hours+ before we eventually noticed it fading.

"Bathing is believing, are you game? Stay in your magic and take flight to a land of pure adventure with Unicorn Poop. A playful perfume of Bergamot, Davana and Jasmine invigorates the imagination and helps you to remember not to take life too seriously, for the ultimate bathing experience"

This is BEAUTIFUL - I loved it much more than I thought I would and I didn't need to scrub at the bath too much as there was next to no staining thankfully! The musky, sweet rose scent fills the whole bathroom and lingers for hours afterwards. The best bit? Even though it looks like it'll be so glittery, it just leaves a subtle shimmer so great for non-glitter fans! 

"Escape into the shadows of your own gothic love story with the recently revamped Black Rose bath bomb. Wash away woes with an intoxicating perfume of Geranium, Lemon and Rose and allow it to conjure our darkest bath art yet for enchanting, gothic vibes in the tub.

Whether you’re loving yourself or somebody else, lie back, cast your eye over the entwining black and violet hues and prepare to be spellbound"

All of the bath bombs released as part of Adventures in Bathing are available now via the website or in-store! I can't wait to hear what you think - pop me a tweet if you order some to try.

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