Monday 17 January 2022

Hello 2022

Okay... So I am a touch late with this post but trying to find the motivation, inspiration and just general get up and go to start the new year has been tough. I may be nearly three weeks late but hello, happy new year hopefully this means I'm kinda back to start fresh again.     

January has been tough - I think with the race to not catch covid before Christmas, the post festive slump and new year, new me shoved in your face I've wanted to curl into a ball and hide away. Instead of rushing to get my blog back up and running I've spent cosy days at home snuggling my children, watching all the family movies, diving into books and going on long walks in the winter sunshine. 

My soul needed it and I feel better. Yesterday felt like a turning point, I feel in a different mindset and I suppose I'm ready to join the world again and so that's why I'm here taking a slow step back into my blog and work again. 

A few happy things type post felt appropriate...

A sprinkling of Christmas
I had to touch on Christmas even though it is long gone because we had such a wonderful time. The build up to the day meant Christmas Eve was spent with a hyped up four year old and us thinking we were in for one hell of a weekend but he woke up on Christmas morning a different child and it was so lovely. Full of wonderful company, delicious food and a present or two it was the time we needed after a pretty awful year and it was so special to watch E witness her first Christmas too.

Fresh nails
Every December I have my nails done for Christmas and usually always opt for glitter which as someone that can't stand glitter is something I always regret come January. I'll have to go a mulberry colour next year. I finally had my nails changed last week and went for a greyish nude with a single black dot. 

A little different and I love them!

A fresh start
The new year can be a fresh start for so many reasons and while I'm not one for resolutions, I have used the new year to implement some changes for myself. I worked my way back to pre-pregnancy weight before Christmas and 2022 will continue to be a focus on that, exercise and a healthier mindset. I won't be having anymore children now and so it's time to get my body back to how I want it and I want to be healtier for my children so I can run wild with them. 

Slow and steady is the aim as I know how much rushing something can have the opposite result and I'll be making the most of having so many gorgeous walks on my doorstep too.

I'm hoping 2022 is good to us as family. We have a lot of changes coming up with my husband going back to work next month once his parternity finishes and our eldest will be starting school this year so we'll be adjusting to a lot of different routines but I also can't wait. 

A new year, a new adventure and hopefully a touch more normality. 

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