Wednesday 26 August 2020

Bringing your Routine back to life comfortably

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The last few months have been such a strange time for so many - lives have changed, we've all spent a lot more time at home and routine has well and truly gone out the window but as things start to go back to normal albeit a new normal, many of us are trying to win back our routine again. 

As someone who works from home anyway, things haven't been too different for me but with Arran working from home and our son not going to pre-school - it has definitely added a new element to our daily lives. Come September for us things will be changing as Joshua heads back to pre-school and the possibility of Arran being called back into office at any moment means we need to take back routine now so it's not too big a shock for us all when the time comes. 

It all seems a little daunting though, doesn't it? 

I don't know about you but sleep sets up me up for the day and if I don't get enough then I definitely know about it - Joshua is quite similar in that respect.

The boy needs a good nights sleep or he gets a bit cranky, just like his Mumma so our bedtime routine has been pretty regimental from the moment Joshua was born. 

The most important thing when it comes to sleep is having the right mattress and with TEMPUR® you know you're getting the best. TEMPUR® was first created by NASA in the 1970's to cushion astronauts during lift-off and today, extensive research and development has gone into each mattress helping you get a better nights sleep. There's something for everyone, little people included and their handy mattress size guide makes it so easy to choose the right mattress for all the family. 

Although a good mattress is arguably the most important thing about bedtime, that vital hour before bed is definitely up there too. Slowing down before bed gets head and body ready for a restful nights sleep so a soothing bath, a wonderful book and some lullabies are our go-to ways to help Joshua drift into a gentle slumber. 

For me, I love a hot shower with a lavender shower gel followed by a sleep-inducing moisturiser and a good book.  

As much as sleep is important for us as a family to be ready and rearing to go, our morning routines are just as important especially when it comes to limiting stress for the entire household. 

With pre-school fast approaching and the dreaded settling in session due to commence again - I've been trying to implement aspects of this at home for both my own and Joshua's mental health. Our mornings consist of breakfast together as a family before Arran starts work for the day followed by a walk to the shore for Joshua and I - we're both water babies! 

To keep stress levels at a minimum during the day I like to incorporate educational games with everyday life at home so if we bake together we point out the colours of all the baking equipment or count the measuring spoons, we talk about keeping our hands clean while we play with bubbles and do the washing up together and we're both fans of a gentle yoga session, Joshua does a brilliant downward dog! 

Each of these little things help to set us back up for our new routine next month but by doing it this way it's less daunting, it's less scary and for us, it's normal which absolutely aids our routine. 

I feel as though sometimes people worry about routine but being consistent makes such a difference especially when it comes to family life for us as it can be such a juggling act. 

At least with a routine implemented, we all know what to expect, even if we move away from it sometimes - it's still very much the core of our family life which aids to a much less stressful one. 

How do you feel about routine? Does it work for you?

If you have any tips yourself do let me know!

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