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Four Hobbies I started in Lockdown that I'm going to continue

Lockdown... It's all but ended, right? To be honest I'm kinda sad to see it go because the time really helped me to take a moment to stop, look at my life and decide what was important and worth my time. Having to slow down and only go out for our daily walk meant things were realigned at home, in my work life and everyday life - I've mentioned before how it was the reality check I needed and I imagine this was the same for many others. 

Having all this extra time at home meant there was more time to do other things, hobbies I'd said I wanted to try or recipes I wanted to master and so four months later I've come to enjoy four things that I'm going to take with me in our new normal and continue them. 

I suppose it's a little self-growth, either way, it was needed! 

I've always been a walker, hazard of not being able to drive but the majority of the time I would rely on public transport - with that not being an option and only essential travel permitted it meant I had to get my legs in gear and walk again! I've always been in jobs that meant I had to stay on my feet so as I now work from home I'd become quite sedentary. Thankfully lockdown gave me the kick up the arse I needed and our daily walks became my favourite part of the day. I'd usually get up and take J out to the shore or head into the forest and it's something we've continued to do since everything has somewhat been lifted. 

There were also times where I'd grab my phone and plug in an audiobook and head out in the evening on my own. I've never listened to audiobooks before but I'm starting to enjoy them and sunset evening walks are definitely my favourite way to do so. I'm determined to keep it up, I may not be a runner, jogger or cyclist but I can definitely be a walker. 

Leading on from walking is yoga, something I've dabbled in on and off over the years. I wanted to dedicate a little more time to me during lockdown so with the walking meaning I can get out and exercise with J, yoga meant I could channel my mind and body into something just for me although there are occasions J tries to do it with me too, he does an excellent downward dog.  

I use online videos via Yoga with Adrienne, I find her the least woo-woo and she also takes time to explain the breathing which is something I struggle with - mainly forgetting to breathe... oops! I do a real mix of yoga videos usually in the morning or to wind down before bed and they've really helped, especially on days when it all felt a bit too much! I'm determined to keep this up if not just for moving more and my health but for my mind and the way it makes me feel. 

I've always been a keen baker but I bake to eat the food I make and for fun, you won't see me selling my bakes any time soon but having the Thermomix has definitely made me more adventurous. I'm so thankful I stocked up on flour and eggs as we went into lockdown because how hard was that to get hold of?! It meant my adventurous bakes weren't impacted and we were able to try things like Apple Crumble Cake, Persian Love Cake, Biscoff Loaf Cake and so many more! 

I have tonnes of recipes saved to my Thermoix app with my next attempt being a Blueberry & Lavender Bundt Cake - I've actually just ordered a bundt tin which I've been meaning to do for ages. I share most of what I'm baking on stories so make sure you're following there - alicespake.

I used to cross-stitch when I was younger but I haven't done it in years so I thought with my 'spare' time I could try a new challenge and try embroidery. I ordered an embroidery kit from Paraffle Embroidery who sell everything you need in one handy kit as well as the pattern which you can choose yourself. I went with a Botanical set which would go perfectly in our bedroom once it was finished.

I started it in early July and haven't done too badly so far, I've botched it up a little bit but you can't notice too much and it's my first hoop so I don't mind if it's not that perfect - practise makes perfect right? I'm hoping to finish it soon and start another, hopefully with an Autumn theme. It's such a lovely way to spend an evening while watching Netflix, I find it so calming!

I have no regrets when I think of lockdown, to be honest, can you really have regrets during a global pandemic when we were all just surviving? 

I'm looking forward to a new normal now - it can only get better I hope. 

Have you taken on any new hobbies during lockdown? I'd love to know what it is!



  1. I'm also a little sad lockdown is all but over, I relished the time at home with my boys x

  2. I've enjoyed seeing all your baking creations on the gram! I think we are all ready to enter bake off tbf x

  3. I've loved seeing all your different bakes over on IG stories! I made my first lemon drizzle cake during lockdown and loved it x

  4. I'm a bit sad that lockdown is over too. It feels like no one has learnt anything over the past few months and we are all rushing back out again, just because we are "allowed". I've gotten back into art again and also blogging! I forgot how much I really enjoy it and promise myself to keep it up and keep making them for myself.

  5. This is a brilliant post! I took up yoga as well and now that my gym is open, I'm actually going to start doing a weekly yoga class. I found a new love for it! xx

  6. These are brilliant, so great that you found hobbies you enjoy. I have been terrible wit hobbies. Only been blogging and working honestly work has been so hectic.

  7. Great ideas. Why I am so attracted to the embroidery?

  8. It's nice to read that you have found hobbies that you enjoy during lockdown, I've been baking also and I hope to continue that after lockdown! x

    Lucy |

  9. Yoga (I watch Adrienne's videos too) and baking are a couple of the ones I've liked continuing after lockdown as well! It's fun to add these new hobbies and interests into my everyday routine and see how they affect my demeanor in the long run.

  10. I think lockdown has brought some great things into our lives. So glad to hear you're doing a lot of Yoga! x

  11. There are some real positives to be taken away from lockdown. Yoga with Adrienne has been one for me too.

  12. Thanks for sharing, glad your enjoying your new hobbies that you have been doing during lockdown, I have not had much chance to anything new which I did hope that I would do oh well I still have time

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  13. These are some really lovely positives to be taken - you have captured some beautiful photographs too! I haven't really done anything new as I found it really difficult to cope with; but I did relaunch my blog which I have been enjoying tremendously. I'm half-sad lockdown is over; but cannot wait to get back into routine with a new job and starting back at uni (hopefully in person!) as I live on routine and set times/days for things!

    Paige // Paige Eades

  14. I'm right there with you on the yoga thing! I started doing it right at the beginning of lockdown when my head was completely fried and I needed to focus on anything that wasn't social media or the news. It's so relaxing and makes you feel so much more present, I love Adrienne too! I hope that's something I take forward as it really got me through a tough spot.

  15. It's interesting isn't it! It feels like Lockdown was absolutely welcomed by many people and many of us are quite sad to see it end, in a way. I loved the slowness of it. The evening walks would also be my favourite and I got my parents into walking too. I even armed them with a task of taking pictures that we could put on our personal Instagrams. I loved that family time out with nature and i promised myself that we would do more of that. And we started blogging which has been the best thing so far. Just learning a new way to express yourself - posts, pictures, interaction and building community. We three (TBC) have loved the time to do so and we are continuing to keep the blogging going. Your post has reminded us of what was and is important to us - family, self care, connection and self expression. Thanks for such a wondeful post x

  16. Mine would 100% be vegetable gardening! Always wanted to do it, always had excuses not to, mainly time, but this year, nope! It has been such a joy watching my 3 year old planting and picking her own veg too, she loves it as much as me. x

  17. I love posts like this that can look back on the benefits of this weird time rather than it all being super negative. I hope you manage to keep these things up. Also really jealous of the Thermomix... 😂 x


  18. We got really into walking too! I was very into cooking and my boyfriend was the baker - I've kept up my part haha. I also started running, which I've semi kept up

    Jasmine xx

  19. I’ve been reading and finishing jobs around the house!

  20. Yoga is definitely on my list of things to learn. I really need help at relaxing at times x

  21. Some brilliant habits you've picked up there! I also starting properly committing to yoga during lockdown after years of doing it here and there. Quite frankly, there's nothing better to help me wind down in the evening - especially Yoga With Adrienne's classes, she's incredible!

    Gabija | EveryLittleThing Blog


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