Monday, 27 April 2020

The After Lockdown Bucket List

I never thought I'd be writing one of these, I had Spring and Summer bucket lists planned but with everything up in the air and us all staying home they've firmly been put on the backburner so a little twist on the original will do. To be honest, this is now the one I'm most excited about because it's full of all the special things I can't wait to do once this strange period of time is over. 

It's full of family, friends and new adventures - the start of 2020 may be a washout but there's still time to turn it around or at least I hope there is as long as we all stay home and comply with social distancing.

Although at this rate we might be going from Christmas, New Year, Lockdown and back to Christmas!

1. Visit family... finally!
2. Set up play dates with our favourite toddler friends
3. Spend an evening with my best friend drinking cocktails under the setting sun
4. Get in a book swap date with the girls - I have so many for them!
5. Go out for lunch with my grandmother and Joshua
6. Take Joshua to Royal Victoria Country Park for a run-around
7. Visit Hamble for lunch and a walk along the river with Arran & Joshua
8. Order a Chinese takeaway, ours has been closed :(
9. Book Joshua's first haircut
10. Organise a date night with Arran
11. Go shopping! I hate ordering clothes online and I need to see the new Zara collection
12. Go food shopping without queuing outside
13. Have a picnic in the park
14. Visit the New Forest and have a cream tea in one of the little tearooms
15. Childcare - just for a few hours so we can just sit in silence for a while haha
16. Take Joshua swimming
17. Go to the beach! Joshua keeps asking to go
18. Hunt for fairy doors in the woods on a sunny day
19. Go fruit picking and bake a pie
20. Have a party at ours with friends
21. Take myself for a solo coffee & cake date
22. Starting preschool again, Joshua has been missing his keyworker and friends so much
23. Go for dinner and cocktails with my sister
24. Book a weekend away with Arran
25. Finally book our flights to Paris
26. Celebrate friend's new babies and our loved one's birthdays all together
27. Have our postponed Nandos anniversary meal (old joke so we always go there!)
28. Go to my parents for a roast
29. Speaking face to face with my lovely regular delivery drivers
30. Just being able to go outside and go anywhere we want :(

These are just thirty things I could think of off the top of my head - what are you most looking forward to?



  1. These are too cute. I cannot wait to be able to go on coffee dates and drinks with friends, go to some of my favourite outdoor places in England and see my brother again. Hopefully it won't be long now.... xx

  2. A book swap date sounds so cute - I’m definitely down for some of these ideas when we start getting back to normal!

  3. Aww! How lovely!
    I can't wait to do all the simple things like visit family, go shopping without the stress and send the kids to school and college.

  4. I can't wait to give all my family and friends a hug - Zoom calls are great but they're just not the same are they!
    Em x

  5. I can’t wait to go for a walk around Dunham Massey! x

  6. I'm definitely going to spend more family time—I really don't do it enough x

  7. Not much really changes for me after lockdown! But I am looking forward to just being able to go to the store whenever we want and also being able to feel more certain about my job which has taken a knock like so many businesses out there. Which is really scary.

  8. Aww Alice :( I feel your pain! I can't wait to just about do ANYTHING outdoors that involves seeing and touching (not in a weird way lol) other people!
    Maya x || Vogue by Maya/

  9. hunting for fairy doors in the woods sounds like my idea of a fantastic day, can I come haha x

  10. I have so many things I’d love to do when this is all over but I have a little anxiety about getting back into normal life and feeling safe.

  11. I honestly can't wait to be able to give my mum a hug, go and visit my grandparents and just sit over a drink or a cup of coffee all afternoon chatting with friends - all the little things we took for granted

    Jasmine xx

  12. Oh I definitely get the feels about these, Rufus has been just the same... asking to go to the beach and missing his childminder! I can't wait for a bit of child free time, its full on with all three of us in the house all day!

    Becqui -

  13. Ah I cannot wait for so many things after lockdown, but getting to travel round the country is absolutely top of my list! I miss going for long drives with no real aim or direction. I also really miss my family! Can't wait to drink gin and laugh with them. Hope that you can tick off all the things on your bucket list soon!

  14. I can't wait to move house, that's top of my post-lock down list x

  15. I completely agree with you going to visit the new Zara collection - their website is something else and the clothes are so pretty in person. I think that a date night will be incredible after lockdown. I can't wait for one with my s/o

  16. I honestly want to do it all, Zara SUCKS online - I want to go into store and browse! I want to go to primark, I want to sit in a coffee shop with friends :(


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