Wednesday 8 April 2020

7 Fabulous Products from Lush perfect for Inducing Sleep

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I don't know about you but I'm finding sleep rather difficult at the moment, there's a lot going on in the world and it's meant my nights haven't been as restful as they once were so I've been making some changes with the help of some very useful products from Lush Cosmetics

I'm sure we all heard the buzz around their cult product, Sleepy a few years ago and they've expanded on this by introducing even more products that aim to aid you in the fight for a restful nights sleep. I've rounded them up in this handy post so you know exactly what's available - it includes some legendary products as well as some new ones that have quickly found their way on to my love list. 

Strap in and prepare to catch some zzz...

The Twilight Bath Bomb (£3.95) is one I've bought countless times over the years, the combination of essential oils help turn bath time into the most magically restful experience and it's one I reach for on a Sunday evening when I really want to zone out ahead of a busy week. As Twilight dissolves, it turns from the colour of the setting sun into a deep shimmering purple that reflects the night sky perfectly. The fragrance has been designed to help you sleep - the lavender helps to soothe and calm the mind while the benzoin and tonka wouldn't be far off the scent of a warm milky drink.

It's the ideal antidote to a stressful day. 

Hot on the tails of the bath bomb, the Twilight Body Spray (£20.00) has earned renowned status as one of their best sellers. The body spray contains a harmonious blend of sweet lavender and ylang-ylang oils as well as creamy tonka absolute and rich malty notes of benzoin resinoid for a positively relaxing spritz of calm. You can use as a perfume or as a pillow spray at night and you won't need much so the £20.00 price tag is definitely worth every spritz. 

The Sleepy range is definitely where the biggest fan base lies. I remember the body lotion being out of stock for weeks in 2017 because I was desperately trying to get my hands on some to beat my pregnancy insomnia and couldn't. Praised by insomniacs and parents for its sleeping benefits Sleepy Body Lotion (£9.00) is a HUGE best seller and for good reason - this stuff is gold. Its dreamy scent of lavender and tonka completely relaxes me and leaves my skin feeling super soft. I love applying this before getting into some snuggly pyjamas. I find it really aids my sleep at the moment, I've reverted back to using it to calm my senses at night and the milky lavender scent just does wonders for me.

I've been a big fan for a while, I do have four pots on my drawer at the moment after all! 

The Sleepy Shower Gel (£14.00) is a newer addition but just as worthy as the body lotion. The deliciously purple shower gel helps wash away stresses allowing you to relax into the most soothing shower of your life. The combination of oat milk, carrageenan extract, lavender and ylang-ylang really is the remedy for the perfect wind down at night. 

Another edition to the Sleepy range is the Sleepy Soap (£5.00). An oat milk base gives this soap a gentle, creamy lather, while kaolin clay cleanses and buffs the skin. Sleepy soap is a soporific brew brimming with lavender lullabies and tranquil tonka. Ylang-ylang oil lifts spirits and eases anxieties, toning the skin and helping you to unwind after a hard day. Each soap is poured by hand meaning every marbled cloud is unique. I know they're quite pricey for soap but they last so long - we have Olive Tree and Honey I Washed the Kids in our bathrooms at the moment and they're a great fancier alternative.

The Me Time Face Mask (£9.00) is a great product to introduce to that all-important relaxing bathtime. It's limited edition and oh so fabulous. If you like the 9 to 5 Cleanser then you'll love this. With a subtle floral fragrance, Me Time has a calming blend of skin-soothing ingredients such as calamine lotion, ylang-ylang and fresh dove orchid that leaves even the most sensitive skin clean, relaxed and mattified.

I really hope they make Me Time permanent.

The final product is Sleepy Face (£5.00) which kinda represents how we'll all look after using these products. They've recently released a larger size which makes me very happy because the naked cleansing bars are some of my favourite Lush products to use, they've truly nailed skincare. 

The cleansing bar contains natural butters and oils which help calm and soothe the skin leaving a beautifully cleansed base. Cocoa butter and shea butter help hydrate and moisturise while the lavender oil is brilliant for irritated skin and aids towards a restful nights sleep with the final ingredient of almond oil helping to give skin a gorgeous glow as it's packed with Vitamin E. The package free product can be used directly on the skin, just massage and wipe away with fresh water. 

Sleep is now closer than you'd think thanks to Lush Cosmetics - what product would you try first?

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