Monday 17 February 2020

Self-Care Tips using Beauty for you at Very

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Something I've focused more on in the last year is my own well-being and self-care, taking even ten minutes to sit and apply a facemask or read a book helps reset my mind so much especially as we don't always have the spare cash for fancy massages or spa days.

Very have recently launched their onsite wellness campaign, Living Well with Very to highlight their fabulous beauty offering meaning you can bring the spa to your home with a selection of products from much-loved brands such as Elemis, Ren Skincare and This Works.

The beauty range means that they have everything you could possibly need to get that at-home spa experience and a chance to really pamper yourself. With head-to-toe beauty whether you're stocking up for yourself or a friend, you'll find everything you could possibly desire in one place.

Self-care is little steps for you and it's such a personal journey - research suggests that the more we practise self-care, the more confident and productive we'll be so taking the time to focus on ourselves can help in more ways than one. 

Everyone practices self-care differently and it can be so much more than just a bubble bath or half-hour with a facemask but for many, it's a good place to start. I've struggled to switch off since I've started working from home, I feel like I should always be doing something so starting with a more thorough beauty routine or intense pamper session at home helps me welcome other things such as an early night, an hour with a book or even allowing myself time to grab a coffee on my own.

For me, beauty is something I have loved for as long as I can remember so a bath with some of my go-to products is a great starting point. Don't forget, masks aren't just for your face - The Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Mask Treatment (£6.99) is a brilliant, low-cost product for keeping your hair in tip-top condition and while you're treating your hair, pop on a little of the Elemis Superfood Berry Mask (£30.00) so your skin can look just as good too. 

I find something that induces sleep great for skin in the evening, so something like Bloom and Blossom Night-Time Bath & Shower Gel is a great addition to your natural sleep ritual. 

It smells oh so dreamy.

When it comes to facial skincare, finding what works for you is so important, we want to look 20 at 30 and 30 at 40 so finding your routine fits in with self-care really well. Facial skincare is something I've really taught myself over the last few years, I know what my skin does and doesn't need so taking the time to perform a thorough routine has just become part of me. 

I love anything that'll give my skin an injection of hydration especially in the colder months so products such as Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart Spf50 Hydrating Shield (£60.00) or the Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Hydragel Cream 75ml (£29.99) are great additions to my skincare routine. The Hydragel especially because it soaks into skin and locks in moisture which is exactly what I need when it's blowing a gale outside against my poor cheeks.

Making sure your makeup stands the test of time can sometimes feel like a never-ending battle, I know it's something I've struggled with over the years but once you've found your dream team, you're set for life - just like when it comes to facial skincare. When my makeup looks good, I feel good. I use makeup to express myself so having the tools to enable me to do that properly is really important and just another step in that ol' self-care beauty handbook. 

I've been using the REN Clean Skincare Perfect Canvas Primer (£40.00) for months and I haven't reached for anything else to prep my skin. The silicone-free serum smooths, lifts and naturally fills the skin to create a matte finish meaning your makeup isn't going anywhere. It's my secret weapon and one I'm not about to give up any time soon. The Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Hydro-Mist (£43.00) is also a great little tool as it's multi-use so you can use it to soften and hydrate skin or by misting lightly on to the skin to refresh makeup. 

Looking good about your skin has been made so easy thanks to Very - you just need to decide what to choose as there really are so many fab brands!

My self-care journey starts with my skin - where does yours start?

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