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IT Cosmetics NEW Pillow Lips in 14 Gorgeous Shades

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Give me a bold lip and I'll be your bestie until the end of time so you can imagine how entranced I was by IT Cosmetics Pillow Lips Moisture Wrapping Lipstick range that was launched the end of January.

Pillow Lips High Pigment Moisture Wrapping Lipstick is an all-new collagen-infused formula that delivers high-impact colour in one lip-loving swipe! They're available in both cream and matte finishes so you'll be sure to discover your perfect match. Each shade is infused with a Tri-Oil Complex and collagen helping to minimise the appearance of lip lines, helping the lips appear fuller and plumper whilst delivering comfortable wear that lasts. 

I've been trialling three of the shades and I've absolutely loved them. I'm definitely more of a matte girl and I think I've tried just about every matte formula going so trust me when I say these are brilliant. 

Surprisingly, the cream finish was actually my favourite but what shade?

Each of the lipsticks come in recyclable cardboard boxes while the bullet itself is encased in a pillow-like white iridescent case. The outer packaging is so different from your usual boring black that it'll make you want to take it out your purse again and again. It's quite weighty and it has a satisfying click when you close it - you know exactly what I mean!

I've been trying out two of the matte shades and one of the cream shades. I'm not usually a cream formula kinda gal but I wanted to see what both finishes were like before sharing my thoughts. 

There are fourteen shades in total:

11 11 - hot pink matte
Gaze - deep purple matte
Humble - rosebud pink matte
Lights Out - deep cherry matte
Like a Dream -  sultry dark pink matte
Stellar - classic red matte
Vision - your lips but better matte

Fanciful - orange-red cream
Humble - rosebud pink cream
Like a Dream -  sultry dark pink cream
Stellar - classic red cream
Vision - your lips but better cream
Wink - soft pink cream
Wish List - rose pink cream

Surprisingly for me, out of the three shades I've been trying out I actually love the cream lipstick the most. Fanciful couldn't be a more me colour if I tried, it's an orange-red that just brightens up your face and just injects a bit of sunshine into a rubbish winters day.  

It applies to lips so effortlessly and leaves such a pigmented pop of colour that rarely needs reapplying - even for a cream finish. Thanks to the Tri-Oil Complex of jojoba oil, peppermint oil and sesame seed oil it feels really comfortable on lips as if you were just using a lip balm too. 

Stellar, a classic red and Vision, the perfect nude apply just as well but have that little bit of extra staying power thanks to the matte formula. 

Even though the cream finish stole my heart, they're all 10/10 in my eyes.

The It Cosmetics Pillow Lips Moisture Wrapping Lipstick is available to buy now online and in some Boots store. 

Each of the lipsticks retail at £20.00 so definitely on the higher end scale but oh so worth it. 

I haven't stopped wearing Fanciful - it's definitely going to be my orange-red go to in the warmer months.



  1. ughhhh they are just so gorgeous aren't they, I'm obsessed with them!!!! x

  2. Wow the pigmentation though! These are all my kind of shades

  3. Oooh, these shades look so lovely - I wear nude lipsticks most of the time, so I would gladly add this one to my collection! I've never bought any IT Cosmetics lipsticks, but judging by how good their other products are, I'm sure I would be a fan!

  4. I'm not a bold lip person although tbh I've never really tried it! I love the dark pink / more nude shade here!

  5. All three shades are so gorgeous x

  6. Ooh that brown nude looks lovely - I've only ever tried their complexion products

    Jasmine xx

  7. That nude shade looks like it's got a two-tone shade, I love! X

  8. These are such gorgeous shades, I totally see how Fanciful stole your heart though. I usually tend to opt for neutral shades so that nude is perfect for me. I like that they have different finishes too, so there's something for everyone. The packaging is so nice too and I'm glad to hear they have that satisfying click!

  9. Those shades are stunning and RIGHT up my street! LOVE them!

  10. Those shades are gorgeous. The pigment on the swatches looks fab! I’ve not tried IT Cosmetics lipsticks.


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